We Love Our Missionaries!

missionsImmanuel and World Outreach share a Mission Statement: Inspiring individuals to help people know Christ and grow to be like Him. Seven families have dedicated their lives to helping others know Christ. Immanuel Church supports these families financially and prayerfully.

North America:
Mike & Kelli Bicket serve with United Indian Missions Aviation (UIMA)as an aircraft mechanic. Mike and Kelli have 2 sons, Javan and Tiras. Email: mikeandkelli@me.com

Chris & Kathy Gouzoules serve with Christar and are based in Tenancingo, Mexico training people to reach 70 cities without Christ. The Gouzouleses have 3 children: Samuel, Ana Luz and Nico. Email: ckgouzoules@yahoo.com

South America:
Paul & Ana Hill are Converge church planters in Santiago del Estero, Argentina . The Hills have 5 children: Sara, Amy, Paul, Mark and Laura. Email: sgohills@hotmail.com

Bulus & Rose Galadima serve at Jos EWCA Theological Seminary (JETS) in Jos, Nigeria. Currently Bulus, Rose and son Atu are living in the Gurnee area & will be returning to Nigeria mid-summer. The Galadimas have 3 other children: Atsen, Abi and Arun. Email: rb.galadima@gmail.com

Rod & Lori Kraybill live in Johannesburg, South Africa with their daughters Alanna, Autumn and Anissa. Rod’s ministry focuses on the care of missionary member s with AIM staff. Email: rlkraybill@aimint.net

Tom & Michele O’Brien are church planters in the Philippines, serving with Christar. The O’Briens have 3 children: Amanda, Stephanie and Colin. Email: tmobrien2002@yahoo.com

Murray & Kathy Trim live in Kobe, Japan and serve with TEAM (The Evangelical Alliance Mission) as church planters. Murray & Kathy are parents of 4 children: Andrew, Caleb, Mikaela and Josiah. Email: trim@teamjapan.org

Additionally the Immanuel family supports Bright Hope whose mission is to reach the world poorest people groups. In Haiti, Immanuel sponsors a daily feeding program at a local school and in India we are engaged with anti-human trafficking.

Current prayer letters are available at the Info Circle or on-line, Please share our love of our missionaries and send an email to our missionaries to tell them you are praying or just to say hello!

Because of your faithful and generous support. World Outreach and Immanuel are able to reach the world for Christ!!

World Outreach – They’re Home!


Just a note to say that Deb and I, along with Michael Matteoni and Beth Marshall, arrived home from South Africa around 2 p.m. yesterday. We are very tired from 24 hours of flying, but had an excellent and healthy time with our missionaries, Rod and Lori Kraybill and their youngest daughter, Anissa.

Rod and Lori serve God well and represent Immanuel well in the work they do. We got a good overview of their work, not just in South Africa, but throughout the African continent. We visited many of the townships around the area of Johannesburg, including the Soweto district where the rebellion against apartheid began. We visited a daycare center for children, talked and prayed with AIDS patients and attended church where Rod and Lori are involved. (I got to speak there last Sunday). We also painted Rod’s offices that are used by four staff members.

We had a great experience and I believe were a real encouragement to the Kraybill family. We were the first church to visit them on this field.

A few prayer requests:

  1. Their physical safety. Crime is very high in the area.
  2. The need for a Senior Pastor in their church. They church has been without for one for four years.
  3. The need for a new worker to fill an upcoming office vacancy — a key position.
  4. Rod and Lori’s parenting of three girls- two away at Rift Valley Academy in Kenya, and one (Anissa) still at home.

For those of you who knew and remembered we were gone and prayed … thank you.

– Pastor Joe

World Outreach: South Africa Updates from Pastor Joe and Beth

Saturday, October 20, 2012

Today our group visited Soweto, S. Africa where the student uprising to end apartheid began. A very sad story, that led to the death of over 800, but one that brought eventual freedom and equality for black South Africans.
Where was I in 1976 when this happened?
I was in my little American bubble.
Unless we are intentional, we can be very insulated from world events. Once again, God has challenged me to read world events to stay aware of the things God is doing in His world.
Thank you, World Outreach Team, for keeping the world on our radar!
I’m going to read “Long Walk to Freedom” by Nelson Mandela.
Please pray for me as I preach tomorrow at church.
Joe for the Fab Four.


Sunday, October 21, 202

It’s been a wonderful day in Johannesburg. Our team attended church with the Kraybills at Grace Baptist Church. It’s a smaller congregation with a big heart for others.

Rod introduced Pastor Joe to the congregation, who challenged the church with a message from Acts 2.

I was invited to join the worship team as a vocalist.

After service we attended a luncheon sponsored by the Caring Ministry (Lori is one of the leaders). This ministry does outreach by giving food parcels & donated clothing to those who have come to South Africa seeking a better life but are still struggling.

I met the Mabee family who have emigrated from Zimbabwe.

He is a trained security officer but has not found a job in this field, and he is supporting his wife and 2 sons, ages 6 and 2, by doing odd jobs. This family has been blessed by the gifts of the Caring Ministry. It was a joy to hear their story and realize how the church is ministering to them.

Thank you for your prayers for our team and our time with Rod and Lori. We’ve gotten to know them on a deeper level and learn more specifics of how God is using them in missions.

Beth, for the team

Greetings from Johannesburg

Greetings from Johannesburg!!

We’ve had a good & safe trip to Johannesburg.  It was wonderful to see Rod’s warm smile to greet our team after clearing customs. All the planning had become a reality at that moment: we were in Johannesburg!!  A quick ride to the house & we again were warmly welcomed by Lori. This trip is helping us get to know the Kraybills on a deeper & more personal level.  Today (Wednesday) has been friends visiting with friends. Deb & Beth joined Lori for the women’s Bible study in the morning; Rod, Joe and Michael attended the men’s study in the evening. It’s been very comfortable as we been together, asking questions to get to know one another better. We’ve not been at a loss for words or topics!!  There’s been jokes & laughter and everyone helping out to make meals & clean up – just as you’d expect.

When Anissa (Grade 6) came home from school this afternoon, she was pleased to show us the tricks their 2 dogs can do.  And she & Deb played on the Wii til bedtime – both of them had a blast and begged “just one more song!”

We’ve been with Kraybills less than 24 hours yet it’s like being with long-time friends. After traveling over 3 continents in 19 hours, there’s nothing better.

Praising God for His world-wide Family,

Joe & Deb, Beth and Michael

World Outreach: Fresh from South Africa

Normally on Wednesdays, we get a glimpse into what’s been on Pastor Joe’s mind. This week, he’s in South Africa visiting our missionaries, the Kraybill family, and he took some time to share with us a little about what’s on his mind as well as giving us a glimpse into their trip so far:

Today I am sitting with our missionaries, Rod and Lori Kraybill, in South Africa.

It is a joy to be in their home which also houses the southern regional office of AIM, their mission agency. Rod and Lori
are making us feel very at home here with their generous hospitality. I’m here with three others from our church- Deb Boerman, Michael Matteoni and Beth Marshall, and we came with gifts for the Krabills given by some of their friends at Immanuel. It was a joy watching them unwrap the what was given.

Five years ago, God called Rod & Lori to a new place of service in the world —  Johannesburg, S. Africa — where they needed to find a new place to live, make new friends and establish a whole new network of relationships. This they did obediently as they responded to God’s movement in their lives.

We are here to see and experience their life and ministry and to encourage them any way we can.

Wish you were here!


Fresh from South Africa! from Immanuel Church on Vimeo.