World Outreach: Give This Christmas Away – Part One

Once upon a time there were lands where people had not heard about the gift that God had sent.  That through his son Jesus Christ, people could have LIFE and HOPE.

Thousands of miles away there was a group of people who knew about this gift and decided not to keep it to themselves.  They realized that God wanted them to ENGAGE in sharing this gift of hope, love and salvation with everyone.  So they sent people to share this gift. This group of people promised to ENGAGE by praying, giving and caring for their friends that they were sending.

Over time, the people in other lands accepted this gift and an amazing thing happened. Their lives were completely changed and they began ENGAGING and sharing it with others…and more and more began accepting this gift. The friendships grew between these groups of people…regardless of distance, race  or culture.  In working together they saw that God began changing communities!

YOU are the group of people who have engaged in these partnerships! YOU are the ones who are praying, giving and caring for those in far away lands. YOU are the ones who have seen God at work in your own lives and have not kept it to yourself. YOU have ENGAGED and have been giving CHRISTmas away!!


Through your financial gifts World Outreach sent $4,000 for scholarships for the students at the Learning Resource Center in the Philippines.  These students have graduated from the Bible School and are missionaries to unreached Muslim villages.  $7,000 was sent to help with flood relief (water, food and rebuilding homes) after the devastating mud slides and flooding surrounding Iligan City, Philippines.  We continue to support Tom & Michele Obrien there!


rose:bulusThrough your financial gifts, World Outreach sent $11,000 to help with scholarships for students at JETS seminary!  You can read those stories in previous blogs.  We continue to support Bulus & Rose Galadima in their ministry!


We celebrated with Chris & Kathy Gouzoules as the church in Tenancingo was given over to godly leadership, Pastor Richarte and his wife Isela and keeps on growing.  We continue to support Chris & Kathy Gouzoules!

GOD is multiplying our gifts (time, finances, prayer) and using it to expand His Kingdom! What a JOY to work alongside Him and keep sharing the gift of LIFE and HOPE. Thank you for Engaging!!  MERRY CHRISTMAS

Serving together with you,

Christy Davis, Alison Knoll, Beth Marshall, Michael Matteoni, John & Kat Tierney and many others!!

World Outreach – They’re Home!


Just a note to say that Deb and I, along with Michael Matteoni and Beth Marshall, arrived home from South Africa around 2 p.m. yesterday. We are very tired from 24 hours of flying, but had an excellent and healthy time with our missionaries, Rod and Lori Kraybill and their youngest daughter, Anissa.

Rod and Lori serve God well and represent Immanuel well in the work they do. We got a good overview of their work, not just in South Africa, but throughout the African continent. We visited many of the townships around the area of Johannesburg, including the Soweto district where the rebellion against apartheid began. We visited a daycare center for children, talked and prayed with AIDS patients and attended church where Rod and Lori are involved. (I got to speak there last Sunday). We also painted Rod’s offices that are used by four staff members.

We had a great experience and I believe were a real encouragement to the Kraybill family. We were the first church to visit them on this field.

A few prayer requests:

  1. Their physical safety. Crime is very high in the area.
  2. The need for a Senior Pastor in their church. They church has been without for one for four years.
  3. The need for a new worker to fill an upcoming office vacancy — a key position.
  4. Rod and Lori’s parenting of three girls- two away at Rift Valley Academy in Kenya, and one (Anissa) still at home.

For those of you who knew and remembered we were gone and prayed … thank you.

– Pastor Joe

Mission Trip To South Africa

A Mission Team will be visiting our mission staff Rod & Lori Kraybill and family in Johannesburg, South Africa.  The team of Pastor Joe and Deb Boerman, Beth Marshall and Michael Matteoni will leave on Mon., October 15 and return on Wed., October 24, representing Immanuel Church and World Outreach.

Encouragement will be this team’s focus.  What does encouragement look like?  Being with the Kraybills, having good conversation to get to know one another on a deeper level, painting the mission office, sharing meals together, playing games, having devotional times & praying together, sharing stories of how God is working in their lives as individuals, a family in the community and in ministry.  Each team member has been uniquely gifted & desires to be used by God during this visit.

The South Africa team would covet your prayers as they travel many miles, for health & safety, to quickly acclimate to the 8 hour time zone difference, and this visit would be time well spent, rich with laughter & fun and encouragement which would  truly bless the Kraybill family.

Want to go to South Africa, too?

While we can’t send everyone in the Immanuel family to the Kraybills, our team will be bringing those of us stateside pieces of their lives while there. They will be sharing stories about how God is working in the Kraybills’ lives as well as how they see Him at work during the trip!

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