World Outreach: Updated News From China!

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One of our students from Immanuel is in China this summer. The following letter is from our student about his current experiences. 

After eight intense days of training in Arizona, and 30 long hours of travel, we are here! The Father blessed our group with safe and easy travel and has allowed us to slide right into living daily life in Asia. Life in another country has presented its challenges but has allowed us to grasp the culture on a much more personal level. It has been amazing to see how even halfway across the world He is working in and through people’s lives. While on the outside we may look and act different we are all part of His big picture.

Being American students, studying in China, we have been able to easily engage in conversation with fellow students and really share from our hearts. Students are very open and receptive about the things we share with them regarding our culture and core beliefs. And while we enjoy sharing with them, it has been a privilege to learn just as much if not more from the students here. Their desire to share about their culture and beliefs has made our friendships much stronger. The Father is truly moving through the lives of many students here, and your prayers are much appreciated as we continue to share with the students here in Asia.

I along with the other members in my group have appreciated the overwhelming support from those of you back home. It is our hope that we will continue to create close relationships with our remaining weeks in country. The Father has already allowed me the opportunity to share my life story with a student here in Asia. And through His will He has gained another member of the Kingdom! The upcoming weeks will present their challenges, but through the strength of the Father we are ready and eager to continue serving Him!

Xi'an city wall, China

World Outreach: Meet the Trims!

Meet Murray and Kathy Trim, Immanuel missionaries serving in Kobe, Japan.


Spring has arrived in Kobe and we are enjoying so many varieties of flowers in full bloom.  What a great display of God’s creativity! Along with Spring, the first of April is the time when many changes happen in Japan. The start of a new school year often leads to folks relocating, college students headed to the big city, and changes in our schedules.

Kathy underwent knee replacement surgery on her right knee on March 13th.  During her one month stay in the hospital, she received excellent care and a great start on the rehabilitation.  She was also able to build a foundation for some excellent friendships with other patients and the hospital staff.

  • Please pray for her to be able to nurture those relationships as she continues to return to the hospital weekly for rehabilitation.
  • Pray especially for Mrs. Morita and Mrs. Miyaji, former roommates, who became especially close.  Mrs. Morita is still hospitalized, but hopes to be released by the end ofMay.
  • Pray also for Nurse Kimura who likes to use her English and wants to spend more time with us and visit our home.

Manae Ueno began attending Agape in April, when she moved Kobe from Takamatsu, where Murray lived for the summer 35 years ago. Back in 1978, Manae’s grandmother was Murray’s “host mom” and he lived with her then high school-aged uncle. We met Manae once about 5 years ago. She grew up in a church, but is eager to learn more and has asked to prepare for baptism. She has already brought a new friend to our April English Cafe, and told the kids’ Bible story one Sunday morning.

  • Please pray for her spiritual growth and that we can reach out to students on her college campus, which is anly a 6-7 minute drive from Agape.

Besides Manae, we have recently developed relationships with several other college students, and Kathy and our co-worker Ciara are praying about how to start a ministry to this age group.  It is very difficult to find a time in their varied schedules when they can all meet together at the same time.  For now, we are focusing on one-on- one opportunities, but we would ask you to pray that God would open the doors to start a group ministry. Interestingly, college sophomore Josiah is attempting to begin a similar ministry on the other side of Kobe on his college campus at this time.

Together with our mission, TEAM, we are involved in talks with a couple about our age who live in Seattle and have been involved in ministry to international students for over 10 years.  God has given them a vision to come to our area of Japan for at least two years to do follow-up with Japanese who have returned here after college in the USA, as well as reach out to international students here. They still need about $2,000 a month in support, and would appreciate your prayers for this need.

  • Please pray that God would give us wisdom as to how we can work together.

Elia Downey, Moody West Bible College Student in Spokane, has completed her support raising and will be arriving in early June to join the ministry of Agape for seven weeks this summer.  She has a great interest in Japanese and the language, and hopes to memorize
her testimony in Japanese before she comes.

  • Pray for her preparations and for all God is going to do in her and through her during her time in Kobe.

We are excited that Caleb and Beth Anne have applied to be missionaries to Japan with TEAM.  They would appreciate your prayers as they pursue the Lord’s leading towards ministry in Japan.

You can reach out to Murray and Kathy, send them an email of encouragement or just say ‘Hi’ at They would love to hear from you!

We Love Our Missionaries!

missionsImmanuel and World Outreach share a Mission Statement: Inspiring individuals to help people know Christ and grow to be like Him. Seven families have dedicated their lives to helping others know Christ. Immanuel Church supports these families financially and prayerfully.

North America:
Mike & Kelli Bicket serve with United Indian Missions Aviation (UIMA)as an aircraft mechanic. Mike and Kelli have 2 sons, Javan and Tiras. Email:

Chris & Kathy Gouzoules serve with Christar and are based in Tenancingo, Mexico training people to reach 70 cities without Christ. The Gouzouleses have 3 children: Samuel, Ana Luz and Nico. Email:

South America:
Paul & Ana Hill are Converge church planters in Santiago del Estero, Argentina . The Hills have 5 children: Sara, Amy, Paul, Mark and Laura. Email:

Bulus & Rose Galadima serve at Jos EWCA Theological Seminary (JETS) in Jos, Nigeria. Currently Bulus, Rose and son Atu are living in the Gurnee area & will be returning to Nigeria mid-summer. The Galadimas have 3 other children: Atsen, Abi and Arun. Email:

Rod & Lori Kraybill live in Johannesburg, South Africa with their daughters Alanna, Autumn and Anissa. Rod’s ministry focuses on the care of missionary member s with AIM staff. Email:

Tom & Michele O’Brien are church planters in the Philippines, serving with Christar. The O’Briens have 3 children: Amanda, Stephanie and Colin. Email:

Murray & Kathy Trim live in Kobe, Japan and serve with TEAM (The Evangelical Alliance Mission) as church planters. Murray & Kathy are parents of 4 children: Andrew, Caleb, Mikaela and Josiah. Email:

Additionally the Immanuel family supports Bright Hope whose mission is to reach the world poorest people groups. In Haiti, Immanuel sponsors a daily feeding program at a local school and in India we are engaged with anti-human trafficking.

Current prayer letters are available at the Info Circle or on-line, Please share our love of our missionaries and send an email to our missionaries to tell them you are praying or just to say hello!

Because of your faithful and generous support. World Outreach and Immanuel are able to reach the world for Christ!!

Meet the O’Brien’s


Originally from Waukegan, IL and raised in a non-Christian home, Tom felt the call to be a missionary in his early twenties. During a Missions Conference as a Moody Bible Institute student, Tom first connected with Christar, a missions organization that seeks to establish churches within least-reached communities around the world. Since 1985, Tom and Michele have served in Philippines. In addition to Perfectly Natural Herbs (a company which trains local farmers in organic farming techniques with herbs for medicinal teas and capsules. Growing tea raises their standard of living and thus helps farmers provide for their families and provides financial support for Filipino missionaries ministering to other least-reached people in Asia), the O’Brien’s teach in the Life Resources Foundation (a two year training program to prepare former Muslim Filipinos for ministry), in a church plant and in evangelizing the Maranao people. Tom and Michele have three children: Amanda, Stephanie, and Colin.

The second half of February, the O’Brien’s visited Malaysia for future ministry possibilities.  Here’s their update:

Our trip to Malaysia went well.  We traveled from one end of the country to the other. Most of our time was spent in Kuala Lampur, but we were also in Singapore, Ipoh and in Penang. Malaysia is a nice country but very needy. It is illegal to witness to Malays, so there are no churches at all among this 65% of the population. The rest of the population is Chinese 22% and Indian 13%. Islam is the official religion and if someone believes in the Lord, they are taken to re-education facilities in the forest.  Yet, there is some spiritual interest being displayed.  It looks like Filipinos will be welcomed there and can use our Perfectly Natural Herbs business here to make contacts and spread the gospel. We met with a number of workers in this country. Their numbers are few, but they love the Malay and welcome us coming to help.


  • *Pray for us as we prepare for Christar’s New Personnel Orientation from April 13 to 20. We have 25 candidates who will probably come.
  • Pray for Rasmea and Komeni with whom Tom is trying to start a Bible study.
  • Pray for a number of mobile clinics scheduled.
  • Praise for the Malaysia trip and the ministry opportunities it revealed.

Tom and Michele will be in the States on furlough in June.  They would love to personally share with individuals, family, small groups, Sunday school classes, youth groups about how God is using them in the Philippines. Watch for more detailed information!!

Haut Savenette – Haiti


Four days ago this video was taken of some of the children that are helped through our school partnership with Haut Savenette in Pignon, Haiti!  Through our partnership with Bright Hope and Pastor Jephthe, God is changing lives.  Come to the info meeting on Sunday, March 10, 10:15-10:45am at Immanuel Church, room 108 to find out more about the mission trip.

Celebrating Chris and Kathy Gouzoules

This Sunday we will be commissioning the Gouzoules family in returning to Tenancingo, Mexico to work among 70 unreached villages!! Come celebrate with us.  Post an encouraging word for the Gouzouleses below!