World Outreach: Sharing the Love of Christ in the Midst of Tragedy

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by Mike Bicket, missionary and aircraft mechanic with United Indian Missions Aviation

Soraida, a 7-month-old Tarahumaran girl living in the remote mountains of Mexico, was being held by her 14-year-old aunt when they were both accidentally shot by their 10-year-old relative.

Bicketblogpic August 2014The bullet pierced Soraida and continued through to her aunt, killing her and leaving Soraida severely injured. The missionaries living there quickly went into action, providing medical attention to the two girls and calling UIM Aviation for a medical evacuation (med-evac) flight.

United Indian Missions Aviation was able to quickly launch a pilot and airplane, arriving in the remote mountain village in less than an hour and a half after being called. The plane was able to take Soraida and her parents to a nearby mission hospital run by Mexico Medical Missions. There, the baby was able to receive oxygen and two doctors were then able to accompany Soraida and her parents to the capital city of Chihuahua for further medical treatment. Soraida is currently still in the hospital and is slowly starting to gain strength. Please pray for her as she still has a long way to go to get out of the ICU. And pray for her parents, that God would comfort them, sustain them and provide for all their family’s needs through this time.

Soraida’s parents are young Christians who are still growing in their faith. Actually, all of the believers in this village are young Christians as there have only been missionaries working there for a few years. Medical evacuations (Med-evacs) like the one UIM Aviation was able to provide is an excellent way to show Christ’s love for these new believers and for the un-believers living in this village.
Bicket blog pic August 2014 2Soraida’s parents are seeing the global Church displaying Christ’s love to them though the many believers in Mexico — from the pilot of the aircraft to the doctors and nurses at the mission hospital to the mission guest house workers where the parents are staying during their time in Chihuahua and many more.
The missionaries that work in Soraida’s village have had a challenging time in this village as many of the new believers continue to turn back to heavy alcoholism and have not taken their faith seriously.
We are praying that by showing care for these young believers, Soraida’s parents as well as their village, will see Christ’s love for them in a real way through this event and desire to continue to grow in their relationship with God and continue to make Him known among their own people.
Bicket FamilyMike and Kelli work with United Indian Missions Aviation in taking the gospel message to the people in the Sierra Mountains in Mexico.
Mike is an aircraft mechanic; their family lives in Tucson, Arizona. 


World Outreach: A Video Update from the Bickets {Don’t Miss This One!}

Mike Bicket, one of our missionaries in Arizona, sent an update about an aircraft incident that occurred on the side of a mountain in Mexico. Mike and Kelli work with United Indian Missions Aviation in taking the gospel message to the people in the Sierra Mountains in Mexico. Mike is an aircraft mechanic. Watch the video below to see how the team managed to retrieve the aircraft!

Praise God no one was injured during the incident!

Mike is now home, and the aircraft is in a secure place in Mexico close to the border awaiting necessary paper work to be allowed to leave Mexico. Mike said once they get it back to Tucson they will be able to start the insurance part to see what their options are. They are facing lots of questions as to whether its totaled or should be repaired.

Please pray continue to pray for the Bicket’s efforts. You can keep up with the Bickets by reading their blog.

World Outreach: Christmas Around the World

by Laura Forman

December is a season of preparation, of both hearts and homes.  Advent stems from the Latin adventus, or coming. We wait expectantly for the most special of days. Beyond the glittering tree, gifts from Santa and even Holiday dinner, Christmas is a celebration of the moment the Word, God’s Word, blessed us in person.

So the Word became human and made his home among us. He was full of unfailing love and faithfulness. And we have seen his glory, the glory of the Father’s one and only Son. John 1:14 (NLT)

Christmas is particularly meaningful to our missionaries living half a world away and the new (and not yet) Christians they minister to. Choosing to spend the Holiday with brothers and sisters most in need, these special families reach out to share the love of Jesus in ways that are both selfless and inspiring.

In Jos, Nigeria, preparation for the “biggest Christian celebration” begins at least two months in advance. The Galadima family started their planning in October by joining in the purchase of a cow to be shared at Christmas.

The gift of food is an important part of the Holiday; the meat will be shared with parents, poor family members and orphans in their extended family. Rice will be gifted to widows the family is acquainted with and yet more food is to be distributed to international students remaining on a nearby campus for Christmas.

Cooking begins several days before the Holiday with Rose preparing pastries with the help of the girls living with them. The family attends church both Christmas Eve and Christmas Day, culminating with fellowship and the sharing of a special meal.

“Children visit from one house to another all day long. They expect to eat something and get a gift of money. It’s like trick-or-treating.” This tradition continues throughout the day after Christmas, when Rose and Bulus visit their respective mothers, having spent the Holiday entertaining.

In Central Mexico, Chris and Kathy Gouzoules welcome many into their home, “Christian and non-Christian, [who] for a variety of reasons will not be spending Christmas with their families. Some of [them] have been ‘expelled’ from their families due to their faith in Jesus, others due to family feuds, and yet others due to living away from their families.”

The large and late meal served on Christmas Eve, and into the wee hours of the morning, is the focus of the Holiday. Traditional fare for this area is “pozole, turkey, ham, shrimp soup, hot fruit punch and plenty of alcohol.” The Gouzoules serve a cidra, or non-alcoholic cider in place of the latter. Small gifts are shared with the guests, often poor and/or single mothers, and “all go home with a plate of homemade Christmas cookies, candies and sweet breads” (lovingly baked by Chris himself).

Many years Chris, Kathy and their children participate in outreach, such as serving a meal for families of patients at a local hospital or delivering food and warm clothing to poor areas of their city of Tenancingo. According to Chris, “these outreaches are usually accompanied by a brief message on the great gift of God’s love in the form of Jesus. The kids have LOVED this part of Christmas and [it] always makes them appreciate a little more the many blessings we have.”

To read about these and other missionary families Immanuel partners with, visit

100_1824Laura Forman is married to David and they live in Gurnee with their five children. She is a fitness instructor, freelance writer and can be found at church or

World Outreach – Missionary Updates

Prayer Request

Recently we received an urgent prayer request from our missionaries Tom and Michele O’Brien about airstrikes that were happening in Zamboanga City in the Philippines. The military had been launching airstrikes to flush out rebels of the Nur Misuari faction of the Moro National Liberation Front (MNNLF) in the embattled zone of the city. Thankfully soldiers were able to rescue 26 civilian hostages that were being used as human shield in the city. The rescued hostages included men, women and children are recovering.

zamboanga-hostage-300x225We also received news that one of their coworkers in the Philippines, Pastor David, was freed over the weekend. he was held for eight days but is now back with his family.

Please continue to pray for the other hostages, the safety of the city and for those that are still there ministering amoung the Tausug Muslims.

Good News

We also received news from Chris and Kathy Gouzoules.  They were happy to share good news after a church retreat they hosted in June. Here is a peak at the great things God is doing in Tenancingo:

Many pastors and church planters were challenged to plant churches that transform communities during a retreat in Tenancingo (June 2013) organized by Pastor Richarte.

This retreat was one answer to our prayers that a vision to reach and transform our region be led by Mexican pastors and church planters.

Remond and his wife, Conchi, (along with their two daughters) are potential church planters with passion and vision to plant churches with us in this region. They feel called to relocate to one of the 70 unreached cities. Please pray for them and us as we visit and pray over various cities together, asking God for his direction.

Please keep praying that God would raise up church planters and City of Refuge workers for each abandoned city.
Thank you for your continued love, support and prayers for our missionaries as they spread God’s word to those who need it most!

World Outreach: God At Work Through Immanuel

Over the summer months, the Immanuel Church family has been a vital partner with those individuals who shared the Good News of Jesus in San Diego, California as well as China and Haiti. We celebrate the individuals who stepped out of their comfort zones in obedience, to be experience different cultures & climates to be Jesus and how God uses each of His children to bring others into fellowship.

Xi'an city wall, China


Tyler Brooks joined a team of young adults bound to China. These young adults sought out university students looking to share their own relationship with Christ. Here’s a glimpse:  “It has been amazing to see how even halfway across the world He is working in and through people’s lives. While on the outside we may look and act different we are all part of His big picture. Students are very open and receptive about the things we share with them regarding our culture and core beliefs. And while we enjoy sharing with them, it has been a privilege to learn just as much if not more from the students here. Their desire to share about their culture and beliefs has made our friendships much stronger. The Father is truly moving through the lives of many students here.

San Diego

The IMPACT team (high school students and leaders) had the opportunity to partner with YouthWorks to serve children, elderly, and others in the San Diego communities. Our students served at a food bank by putting together & handing out food parcels as spending time with individuals at an adult daycare site to be Jesus to those they encountered.



The Immanuel team once again partnered with Bright Hope in Pignon, Haiti this summer. Spending time with individuals was the way this team ministered to the Haitians: hearing the stories of those blessed through the microloan program, playing games with the children attending VBS, serving a meal to the Haut Savanette students.

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