World Outreach: Sharing the Love of Christ in the Midst of Tragedy

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by Mike Bicket, missionary and aircraft mechanic with United Indian Missions Aviation

Soraida, a 7-month-old Tarahumaran girl living in the remote mountains of Mexico, was being held by her 14-year-old aunt when they were both accidentally shot by their 10-year-old relative.

Bicketblogpic August 2014The bullet pierced Soraida and continued through to her aunt, killing her and leaving Soraida severely injured. The missionaries living there quickly went into action, providing medical attention to the two girls and calling UIM Aviation for a medical evacuation (med-evac) flight.

United Indian Missions Aviation was able to quickly launch a pilot and airplane, arriving in the remote mountain village in less than an hour and a half after being called. The plane was able to take Soraida and her parents to a nearby mission hospital run by Mexico Medical Missions. There, the baby was able to receive oxygen and two doctors were then able to accompany Soraida and her parents to the capital city of Chihuahua for further medical treatment. Soraida is currently still in the hospital and is slowly starting to gain strength. Please pray for her as she still has a long way to go to get out of the ICU. And pray for her parents, that God would comfort them, sustain them and provide for all their family’s needs through this time.

Soraida’s parents are young Christians who are still growing in their faith. Actually, all of the believers in this village are young Christians as there have only been missionaries working there for a few years. Medical evacuations (Med-evacs) like the one UIM Aviation was able to provide is an excellent way to show Christ’s love for these new believers and for the un-believers living in this village.
Bicket blog pic August 2014 2Soraida’s parents are seeing the global Church displaying Christ’s love to them though the many believers in Mexico — from the pilot of the aircraft to the doctors and nurses at the mission hospital to the mission guest house workers where the parents are staying during their time in Chihuahua and many more.
The missionaries that work in Soraida’s village have had a challenging time in this village as many of the new believers continue to turn back to heavy alcoholism and have not taken their faith seriously.
We are praying that by showing care for these young believers, Soraida’s parents as well as their village, will see Christ’s love for them in a real way through this event and desire to continue to grow in their relationship with God and continue to make Him known among their own people.
Bicket FamilyMike and Kelli work with United Indian Missions Aviation in taking the gospel message to the people in the Sierra Mountains in Mexico.
Mike is an aircraft mechanic; their family lives in Tucson, Arizona. 


World Outreach: A Video Update from the Bickets {Don’t Miss This One!}

Mike Bicket, one of our missionaries in Arizona, sent an update about an aircraft incident that occurred on the side of a mountain in Mexico. Mike and Kelli work with United Indian Missions Aviation in taking the gospel message to the people in the Sierra Mountains in Mexico. Mike is an aircraft mechanic. Watch the video below to see how the team managed to retrieve the aircraft!

Praise God no one was injured during the incident!

Mike is now home, and the aircraft is in a secure place in Mexico close to the border awaiting necessary paper work to be allowed to leave Mexico. Mike said once they get it back to Tucson they will be able to start the insurance part to see what their options are. They are facing lots of questions as to whether its totaled or should be repaired.

Please pray continue to pray for the Bicket’s efforts. You can keep up with the Bickets by reading their blog.

We Love Our Missionaries!

missionsImmanuel and World Outreach share a Mission Statement: Inspiring individuals to help people know Christ and grow to be like Him. Seven families have dedicated their lives to helping others know Christ. Immanuel Church supports these families financially and prayerfully.

North America:
Mike & Kelli Bicket serve with United Indian Missions Aviation (UIMA)as an aircraft mechanic. Mike and Kelli have 2 sons, Javan and Tiras. Email:

Chris & Kathy Gouzoules serve with Christar and are based in Tenancingo, Mexico training people to reach 70 cities without Christ. The Gouzouleses have 3 children: Samuel, Ana Luz and Nico. Email:

South America:
Paul & Ana Hill are Converge church planters in Santiago del Estero, Argentina . The Hills have 5 children: Sara, Amy, Paul, Mark and Laura. Email:

Bulus & Rose Galadima serve at Jos EWCA Theological Seminary (JETS) in Jos, Nigeria. Currently Bulus, Rose and son Atu are living in the Gurnee area & will be returning to Nigeria mid-summer. The Galadimas have 3 other children: Atsen, Abi and Arun. Email:

Rod & Lori Kraybill live in Johannesburg, South Africa with their daughters Alanna, Autumn and Anissa. Rod’s ministry focuses on the care of missionary member s with AIM staff. Email:

Tom & Michele O’Brien are church planters in the Philippines, serving with Christar. The O’Briens have 3 children: Amanda, Stephanie and Colin. Email:

Murray & Kathy Trim live in Kobe, Japan and serve with TEAM (The Evangelical Alliance Mission) as church planters. Murray & Kathy are parents of 4 children: Andrew, Caleb, Mikaela and Josiah. Email:

Additionally the Immanuel family supports Bright Hope whose mission is to reach the world poorest people groups. In Haiti, Immanuel sponsors a daily feeding program at a local school and in India we are engaged with anti-human trafficking.

Current prayer letters are available at the Info Circle or on-line, Please share our love of our missionaries and send an email to our missionaries to tell them you are praying or just to say hello!

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Word Outreach: Meet the Bickets


Mike and Kelli Bicket, along with their two boys, Javan and Tiras, have been serving with United Indian Missions Aviation to take the gospel message to the people living in the Sierra Mountains of Mexico.

Both Mike and Kelli grew up in Illinois. Mike received his Bible training at Moody Bible Institute in Chicago, IL and his aviation training at Moody Aviation in Tennessee. Kelli received her degrees in Elementary Education, English and Bible from Northwestern College in St. Paul, MN.

They were married in December of 2006 and began their careers as missionaries in 2008, beginning with New Tribes Mission’s missionary training and aviation training. They served in Papua, Indonesia for a one-year assignment partnering with Helimission to reach some of the most remote people groups with the hope of Christ.

After the one-year assignment, the Lord has now led them to a long term ministry with UIM Aviation! Mike serves as a mechanic at the Tucson hangar, and Kelli works part time with administration and promotion for the mission. Kelli’s full-time job is raising their two precious sons.

They are so excited about being a part of what God is doing to reach isolated people in Mexico with the hope of Christ!

Here’s an opportunity you won’t want to miss: Mike & Kelli Bicket will be sharing about their aviation ministry on Monday, January 21 from 7-8:30 p.m.  Come hear how God is using their skills and talents to reach the First Nations peoples of northern Mexico with the Gospel of Christ as well as the people in the neighborhood where they live.
Our hosts for the evening are Frank & Alison Knoll.
14145 Deer Creek Lane, Wadsworth
Please check the Immanuel Life this Sunday for more information.