World Outreach: God At Work Through Immanuel

Over the summer months, the Immanuel Church family has been a vital partner with those individuals who shared the Good News of Jesus in San Diego, California as well as China and Haiti. We celebrate the individuals who stepped out of their comfort zones in obedience, to be experience different cultures & climates to be Jesus and how God uses each of His children to bring others into fellowship.

Xi'an city wall, China


Tyler Brooks joined a team of young adults bound to China. These young adults sought out university students looking to share their own relationship with Christ. Here’s a glimpse:  “It has been amazing to see how even halfway across the world He is working in and through people’s lives. While on the outside we may look and act different we are all part of His big picture. Students are very open and receptive about the things we share with them regarding our culture and core beliefs. And while we enjoy sharing with them, it has been a privilege to learn just as much if not more from the students here. Their desire to share about their culture and beliefs has made our friendships much stronger. The Father is truly moving through the lives of many students here.

San Diego

The IMPACT team (high school students and leaders) had the opportunity to partner with YouthWorks to serve children, elderly, and others in the San Diego communities. Our students served at a food bank by putting together & handing out food parcels as spending time with individuals at an adult daycare site to be Jesus to those they encountered.



The Immanuel team once again partnered with Bright Hope in Pignon, Haiti this summer. Spending time with individuals was the way this team ministered to the Haitians: hearing the stories of those blessed through the microloan program, playing games with the children attending VBS, serving a meal to the Haut Savanette students.

THANK YOU, Immanuel Church, for your faithful support to reach the world with the Good News of Christ! It is only possible through your generous giving to Accelerate, our one fund, and prayerful support that individuals, families, students and adults may go to help others know Christ and to grow to be like Him.

Hello from Haiti


It was a great day.  The team did VBS for the last day today. The church in Colladere had over 200 children and our team has a special affection for this group of kids. We have found that the majority of families go without food several times a week.  A highlight each day has been serving lunch at both churches. Plates of rice and beans – we see children helping each other and sharing spoons.

A highlight of VBS at the church in Haut Savanette was at the end when the pastor called his leaders together, they gathered around our team and prayed for us and sang. This is the church that Immanuel has been supporting for two years through Bright Hope. We see huge changes in this church since last summer. They are thriving and praise God for the partnership!

The team has been amazing! Each person has risen above themselves and SHINED for Christ by loving the people God puts in front of them. Our men worked 3 days on a shipping container, being turned into a school. The heat inside the container was 120 degrees at times!  They trained 6 Haitian men to do dry walling and bonded as they sang hymns while they worked!

Thank you for praying! Every prayer is being answered!

Team Haiti Update

haiti_girlsEveryone is healthy and no one has gotten sick – Praise God!

It has been a busy few days.  Over the weekend the team spent time to talk and pray with some micro-loan families who sell everything from used clothing to gasoline.

VBS has been a huge success seeing about 100 kids at the site in Koledar in the morning and about 200 kids in Haute Savanette in the afternoon.  Were able to feed to group yesterday of 199.

Last night the team went to Pastor Jephthe’s church and saw choirs from local youth groups sing.  The power kept going out throughout the event, but the kids never stopped singing praises to God – it was beautiful.

Days are spent with devotions as a team in the morning and then serving throughout the day.  Music and fellowship in the evening.

Prayers are needed for tomorrow as they finish up the vacation bible school programming, safe travels home and rest for the team as they debrief and see what God has in store for them.

Team Haiti – Day Two

God has already been actively at work!  Here is the latest update from Team Haiti:

-3God was working today.  The men taped and mudded drywall and trained six Haitian men who were passionate to learn and took ownership right away. The ladies worked with a local business woman and her son and learned to make jewelry.  We all visited two micro-loan recipients and walked through Pignon.
(1 John 4:8) Whoever does not love does not know God, because God is love.

Team Haiti – Day One

Immanuel Church recently sent a team to Haiti to spread God’s love and share his word. God has something special planned for each and every one of them. And here, is how their journey began!

-3“It was a chilly 50 degree morning at 4:00 am in the Immanuel parking lot when we said “Godspeed” to the Haiti team. Even though it was cold, you could feel the warmth from the excitement and love everyone shared that early morning. It was so amazing to see about 10 additional friends, family and “Immanuelites” there on that dark and cold morning wanting to pray, hug, and just show their support for this amazing team! We packed the four vehicles, gathered around in a circle and prayed for the journey ahead. Then after a few last moment goodbyes, off they went in a four vehicle caravan to O’Hare airport.

If you’re reading this update, that tells me that you care, and that you are interested in how the team progress on their mission trip in Haiti. Please take time through the end of this month to pause during your day and pray for the team. Pray for their safety and health, and that God will use them in a mighty way. Pray that they will be changed by what they see and do while serving in Haiti.”

Michael Matteoni, World Outreach Team

Hello to all our prayer partners,
The team arrived last night in Haiti after a five plus hour drive.  All are safe and all luggage too.The men will be working on the drywall today and the ladies will visit with the locals and make jewelry.
Thank you all for continuing to pray for the team, their safety and their ministry in Haiti.
“The team already knows that they will not have internet access, but they will communicate as often as they can via phone and text. We will be posting new information as soon we receive it, so be sure to check back here for the latest information from the team!”