What’s on Pastor Joe’s Mind: Stuck

by Pastor Joe Boerman

Yesterday, in the snow, I made it all the way home from church, only to get stuck at the end of my own driveway … stuck bad. The garage was RIGHT THERE, but I was hanging halfway out into the street and 30 feet away from being “home.”

Photo courtesy of /www.buckscc.gov/swop

It’s frustrating to see your destination, but just keep spinning wheels trying to get there.

I feel that way about our Accelerate giving initiative at Immanuel. Last
fall we “saw” what Accelerated giving could look like at Immanuel-
-A mortgage that is greatly reduced, if not eliminated
-A variety of much-needed, new initiatives in our communities and
in our church
-A deeper involvement in our world including things like the JELLY
Project, anti-human trafficking initiative, missionary projects, etc.

Three months into Accelerate, I’d like to say we’ve got good traction, but we don’t. Since December ended, our giving has been “stuck”, partly do to the fact we haven’t been talking about it enough, to be sure.

This week it just feels like being stranded at the end of my driveway.

I can see the difference a little (or lot) of traction would make, but the wheels are just spinning.

The end of my story yesterday is that a few good men came and pushed me home. At first it was just a lone neighbor. It wasn’t until others stopped to help that together my car and I got home.

I am not embarrassed to say that we need you- all of you– giving to Immanuel for Accelerate to help us gain some traction in an initiative far more important than one man getting into his garage.

And THAT is what’s on my mind this week.

Want to learn more about Accelerate? You can watch videos about our generosity initiative HERE.

On Joe’s Mind: An Invitation to Come to the Table

Immanuel Church has quite a history!

It’s one full of God doing big things in our midst.

And it’s been possible because the people of Immanuel have been faithful in following God’s direction.

With each milestone of ministry in Immanuel’s history, we’ve kept an eye on the horizon for what’s next. Some of those things seem like distant, far-off plans.

But what if God is calling us to move now?

What if God doesn’t want us to wait?

What if we are being called to Accelerate?

Accelerate Vision from Immanuel Church on Vimeo.

“This isn’t about what we want from you; it’s about what we want for you,” Pastor Joe said.

We’re looking forward to coming to the proverbial table during the Sunday services to discuss together as a family how we can Accelerate.