Your Weekly Mug of Joe on the Go: We Make a Difference

A few weeks ago, Pastor Joe shared the stage with Prem Gideon to deliver a message {listen HERE} about greed and breaking free from its grip; Prem, the director of a small-but-growing organization, ANURAG, that feeds and educates children in New Dehli, India, shared her experiences of helping people who have so very little while much of the rest of the world has so very much.

The Spirit must have been on the move in hearts during that message. After both services, a total of 40 children went from unsponsored to sponsored by Immanuel people! Immanuel people now support 57 children in India, as 17 were being supported before that Sunday!

Makes that study Pastor Joe shared with us in the video above a little more personable, doesn’t it? That’s 57 children whose lives will be changed for the better through sponsorship!