Forgiveness is much easier said than done. But you wouldn’t know anything about that, would you?

Listen, if it was easy to forgive someone, life would be a breeze. But – reality check – it’s not. In fact, it is a difficult thing… a really difficult thing. When someone hurts us, we want them to know we’re hurt, right? We want other people to validate our feelings, all while we put conditions on our forgiveness. We will forgive, but only once we feel the other person is truly sorry. Once they’ve made it unmistakably clear that they know what they have done and are never going to do it again, then we forgive. Sounds a lot like Jesus, huh?

I think being the forgiver gives us a false sense of power over the forgiven because it’s all done on our time, our pace, once we, the Great Forgiver, have healed emotionally. Or we tend to draw out the process of forgiveness, telling ourselves constantly, “I’m just not in a place to forgive them yet.” The reality of it is, though, we really don’t have the power we think we do. God calls us to forgive freely, not to hold things in our hearts until we feel like it.

Mark 11:25 says “And when you stand praying, if you hold anything against anyone, forgive them, so that your Father in heaven may forgive you your sins.”

When we hold grudges, it only brings an emptiness into our lives. Often times, the other person doesn’t even know about what we’re holding onto, or they don’t know how they can help. Maybe they feel they’ve done all they could do and now it’s on us to take the next step. But if we are still waiting for them to feel remorse, nothing gets better; we only get more bitter.

“Bitterness leads to emptiness, forgiveness leads to wholeness.”

Forgiveness frees not only their hearts, but ours as well.

Gracie Adamek attends the College of Lake County and hopes to one day be a special education teacher. She likes to sing, act, knit, and write. She hopes you enjoy your time here, reading these blogs, and is very grateful for the opportunity to glorify God through her words

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