Years ago, I was camping with my in-laws. Like many campgrounds, the road connecting all the campsites was one big loop. Unfortunately, our particular campsite was just left of the entrance/exit on the one-way road, which meant that every time we had to drive up to the store to get ice or wood (which, I found, is every five minutes when you camp!) we had to veer right and go around the entire 10 mph loop when all we had to do was pull in the wrong way for a split second and we’d be there. Talk about annoying.

My father-in-law drove on one of the umpteen trips up to the store, and as we turned to the entrance to the loop my mother-in-law suggested he just turn left into the campsite since no one was coming from the other direction. A quick but technically rule-breaking maneuver. I wholeheartedly agreed with her suggestion but watched as he turned right to go around the loop the right way, the long way. I’ll admit, I totally rolled my eyes.  I’m not proud of that. I’m just being honest.

I’ve thought of that loop several times since it happened and what it said about me and my father-in-law.  Just as a little gray paint dilutes the brightness of a color, a little gray in our ethics dilutes our impact in this world, even when it’s as small as driving the 10mph loop the right way. Integrity matters, even in the small stuff.

Every time I choose to do what the Bible says is the right thing to do, there is more of a contrast between the life I live and world around me.  And each time I make a decision to be like the world, I blend in a little more.  If you asked me if I could choose any color to be there are many I would choose, but gray wouldn’t be one.

Join me in praying this prayer this week as we choose to stand on God’s word no matter how big or small the decision, no matter where we are, no matter what the cost and no matter who is watching:

Father, You know the true content of my heart though others may be fooled by my words and actions. So it is with You that I must keep a short account and pray from a genuine heart that I will act in accordance to Your revealed will and think upon those things which are honest, just, pure, lovely, and of good report. Thoughts form in my mind before they are spoken from my mouth, so I pray that You would purify my mind, keep my tongue from evil, and enable me to stand for that which is honorable in Your sight so that I pass the tests of life and hear you say, “I am pleased with your integrity.” In the name of Jesus I pray.  Amen.




Martha has been a wife for 17 years and is the mother of three children ages 10, 9 and 5.  When she’s not folding laundry, c
ooking meals, helping with homework, kissing boo-boos, grocery shopping, cleaning house and running errands; she loves to hold babies at Immanuel MOPS!

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