I am a control freak. I’ll admit it. I want to be in control of every aspect of my life and letting someone else have control is the most stressful thing for me – because what if something goes wrong? Or, what if things aren’t done the exact way I planned it? Do you ever feel like this?

I hear people say all the time that we need to take charge of our own lives and that our future depends on us and I think when we hear this it’s easy to agree, but I don’t think we should. I mean, have you ever thought about what it means to have our future totally in our hands? That is a ton of pressure! If we’re being honest, humans mess things up constantly. Just look at the world we live in. That is why we are not supposed to be the ones in control. God is supposed to be the one in the drivers seat. So why is it so hard to give God control? I honestly don’t know. Because ideally, God would be the one in charge. He would make all the decisions because He knows and wants what’s best for me. But I always get in the way. My pride and my fears always make me want to take control back. I want to wear the crown. This reminds me of King Hero’s response when Jesus was born. Matthew 2:1-12 tells us about when Herod learned that there was a new king in town, a baby named Jesus. Herod had been appointed to king, and this child was to inherit a kingdom. Herod, clinging to his crown, took drastic measures to make sure he wouldn’t lose his title to a child. We’re all like Herod sometimes. We fight and fight to maintain control and we don’t even deserve it. Herod’s crown wasn’t real. Neither is ours. God is the one with the kingdom. It’s time we let go of our crowns. They’re fake anyway.

Gracie Adamek attends the College of Lake County and hopes to one day be a special education teacher. She likes to sing, act, knit, and write. She hopes you enjoy your time here, reading these blogs, and is very grateful for the opportunity to glorify God through her words

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