Though I’m the mom of three boys, I’m a girly-girl at heart. I’ve never liked climbing trees or playing with dirt; I mean, as an adult I don’t even like to deal with landscaping! When my husband asked me to help him pull weeds, however, I very reluctantly agreed. I grabbed my gloves, my knee pads, and was sure to put on long sleeves and jeans. I was going into battle, after all, and I was not about to get dirty! Then, something terrible happened: a bug appeared. (Did I mention I don’t like creepy, crawly little bugs?) I persisted though… until another came, and then another! It didn’t take long for me to jump up and tell my husband – let’s be real, I begged him – that I would do anything else but that! My husband needed my help, but because the situation was too uncomfortable for me, I couldn’t give it.  Eventually, he finished it on his own, but it took longer than it would’ve if he’d had some help.

As a mom, there are many times like this, where I want to just get up and run. I want to run from the attitudes and the responsibility of shaping and molding characters. I want to run from the bickering when what’s needed is a lesson in communication. I want to run from the yelling when my kids need to learn self control. Oh, and did I mention that I homeschool? Talk about God giving me nowhere to run and nowhere to hide! For those of you who can relate, there really is nowhere to hide – not even the bathroom is off limits! More often than not, I want to run away because helping each of my boys learn in a way that fits their personality and individual way of learning is tough and uncomfortable. If I’m honest, I’d much rather just make them think like me than go into battle and get dirty.

But God wants us to get our hands dirty, figuratively and literally. He wants us to jump in with both hands, lifting them up as we surrender our wills for His. It won’t be easy, and it sure won’t be comfortable, but it’ll be worth it. And starting that journey really entails just being prepared to get dirty.

God has made it clear that my family is my first ministry. It’s with this realization that I’ve gained a new perspective and have come to see that God has allowed me to go through so much in my life in order to prepare me to better shape and mold my boys. So to what, or where is God calling you to minister? It may be no further than your own front yard! No matter where He is taking you, remember that He has prepared you through your past experiences to help those around you. And He will continue to prepare you as you seek His guidance daily. So get ready, get set and all hands in!

Sheryll Belonga iwife to Jurrell and homeschooling mom to their three great boys. Her desire is to glorify God in all she says and does in spite of life’s daily happenings.

2 thoughts on “DIRTY > CLEAN

  1. This has really touched me right where I am. I thank God for using you to minister thus to hearts everywhere, especially for reaching mine!

    1. Thank you for the encouragement. As a writer you often feel vulnerable putting yourself out there. It is often when I am most vulnerable that God uses me to bless someone and I am humbled to be His vessel.

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