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By Erianne Thedorf

Immanuel—This name from Matthew 1:23 means “God with us.” Immanuel Church means “God with us Church.” I’ve noticed throughout this past year that at Immanuel Church, this is true! God is with everyone in the Church here at Immanuel. I can see it.

Last year I was baptized on Palm Sunday. Palm Sunday is coming soon, and as I’ve reflected on this past year, I’ve felt so much of a change in who I am spiritually; that’s because of Immanuel. I had started attending Immanuel during the summer of 2013 through the summer Deeper groups and attended iMPACT (youth group) as well the following icyouth blog 3.27.15 God with Usschool year. Since attending Immanuel that summer, my faith quickly grew to where I had committed my life to Christ that following April. Since April of 2014, I have grown so much in my faith and that’s because of Immanuel Church. I’ve gone on 4 retreats, participated in Blanket Chicago, went to Haiti last summer, became a leader at iDENTITY, met Bob Goff and was presented with the opportunity to write these blogs — all things that have helped me grow deeper in my relationship with Christ! The love of Immanuel doesn’t stop there because I have another year left at Immanuel until college, and I’m blessed to say I will be going to Haiti again this summer!

The programs and opportunities Immanuel has to offer to people are outstanding, and I am so grateful to be a part of something so awesome. The reason I’ve grown so much in my faith is because of the community of Christ followers who gather at Immanuel. I’ve met some lifelong, Christ-centered friends, and I’m grateful that I can go somewhere every Sunday and see those people and grow in my relationship with them through a common interest: Christ.

God truly is with us at Immanuel Church, and I thank all of the people who have helped me throughout these past two years and who will be a part of my faith for years to come.

ErianneErianne is a Junior at Grayslake North High School. She enjoys books, movies, music and meeting new people!

One thought on “ICYouth: A Thank You to my Immanuel Family (Erianne)

  1. Erianne,
    Thank you for sharing your story of your baptism and the meaning of the name Immanuel. Your comments bought to memory an event my wife and I shared back in 1981. We were touring Israel and was visiting the Jordan River where Israel had prepared a beautiful site for those who wished to be baptized. My wife and I were both baptized that afternoon. As we dried-off in the sun we noticed a numberof armed United Nations Security Soldiers were safeguarding the site. We struck up a conversation with one of the soldiers, a man from Kenya. He said his name was Emmanuel, and knew it meant “God is with us”. Like my wife and I he was a believer but was never baptized. With the permission of his commander, he entered the water and was also baptized. Afterwards, we chatted and praised God together for our salvation. It was a very emotional afternoon. So Erianne, I trust your baptism and your testimony will stand for eternity. Thank you for reviving a memory and encouraging me with your strong testimony. Best wishes your senior year and all that you endevor to do.
    Steve Ceskowski

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