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by Trever Carter

There’s nothing I love more than sentimentality. I love thank yous and letting people know how grateful I am for them. Hugs are one of the best vessels for love. I’m big on “I love you”s. Traditions are irreplaceable, the big ones and the little quirky ones alike. Words on a piece of paper hold more power and weight than most anything else.

My personality certainly drives the desire that I have for these little things. It’s the way that God has crafted me: hard wired to love others and be loved by others. I am so incredibly relational that being apart from friends or family or community for too long tears me apart. And I know that Jesus was the same way. He was consistently in relationship with God, never seen without people and always going out of His way to just love. And I think that is what Heaven will be like–a place full of love.

IcYouthblog 3.6.15 heavenThat’s what I love about Sundays. I love Sundays because it’s the closest I get to Heaven at this point in my life. For those of you who don’t know me, my family doesn’t attend Immanuel on a regular basis. Sometimes my mom does, and it’s certainly a treat; nothing makes me happier than being able to sit next to my mom during service. Just because they don’t attend, though, I’m rarely at church alone. Immanuel has blessed me with family, and for that, I cannot thank you all enough.

God is always present on Sundays. He is present in the hugs exchanged when I walk in the doors and see my friends. He is present in the little hands that I hold walking kids from the parking lot to the building. He is present in every song that I sing, every word that is spoken, every bit of community that is present. And His presence doesn’t stop when the service is over. His presence transcends into lunch traditions and lazy Sundays, family grocery trips and frisbee golf outings when it’s warm. And iMPACT is certainly a way to end the day.

I have had so many memories of Sundays at Immanuel, each just a bit sweeter than the last, but not as sweet as the next, especially as I draw my high school career to a close and have to think about moving on and finding a church wherever I end up at school. But I will say this: I will try for the rest of my life to emulate Sundays at Immanuel. And not just on Sundays, but throughout my life.

I want to make my life about sentimentality. About community. About the smiles and laughter and tears. About quirky traditions. About family. Because I think God looks down and smiles big at all of those things. And Immanuel, you give me just that. You have helped make me into the man I am today, so thank you; you are what I love about Sundays.

TrevernewheadshotTrever Carter is a senior at Grayslake North High School. He enjoys running, playing lacrosse, and photography. He also likes to write, serve with the church, and spend time with his friends.

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