We leave the church building inspired and filled with Truth and encouragement each Sunday … and somewhere along the course of the week, often we find ourselves in need of a little bit of something to help us through.

Welcome to Extra Strength: a mid-week pick-you-up for the soul. Be sure to scroll all the way to the bottom for extra encouragement and challenge.

Extra Strength for Ask It: Based on Past History, What’s the Wise Thing to do? (click to listen to the message)

by Gracie Adamek


We all have them. We wish we’d done this or that or had approached a situation differently. I’ve got plenty of those. Some of the things that I regret most are the things I didn’t do. I think we all have that moment or two in our lives where we think “if I could just go back I’d …”

It’s the things that keep us up at night. The things we replay over and over in our heads, kicking ourselves for the way they turned out. Part of being human is accepting the fact that we make mistakes. We are impulsive by nature.

Pastor Joe told the story of Jonah on Sunday. Jonah had orders from God to preach to the people of Nineveh. When Jonah tried to run away, God redirected his path. God gave Jonah another opportunity to obey Him, and Jonah’s obedience ended up sparing an entire nation from God’s wrath through God’s grace.

Blog 1.12.15The sinful people of Nineveh were given a second chance. They repented, and God spared the people of Nineveh. God is a God of do-overs and second chances. He doesn’t want us to fail. He gives us second chances all the time. Pastor Joe said it best when he told us, “Your past failures don’t make you a failure all your life. You can have a do-over.”

When you get another chance, use it wisely. Ask yourself this, “Based on my past history, what is the wise thing to do?”

The wise thing and the easy thing won’t always be the same. Be in prayer. God isn’t going to tell you to do the wrong thing. Boldly and confidently accept God’s will for your life.

And if you mess up, remain confident that God will use whatever you’ve chosen for His glory and Your good.

GracieHait1Gracie Adamek attends school at College of Lake County. When she’s not at school, she can be found on the worship team at Immanuel, among other activities. 




Be Challenged:

  • Pray for God to grant your wisdom as you consider decisions this week.
  • Pray for the request you took from the prayer wall at Immanuel this past Sunday.

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