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By Makenna Nahorniak

Following Jesus is like being on the brink. It’s wandering far beyond the boundaries you may have previously set.

In Luke 5, Jesus approaches a man named Simon at the lake of Gennesaret. Simon had been toiling tirelessly for hours on end waiting for fish to find their way into his nets. He had been unsuccessful until Jesus said, “Put out into the deep and let down your nets for a catch.”

The words that leave Simon’s mouth next are startling. In verse 5, Simon answers Jesus by saying, “Master, we toiled all night and took nothing! But at your word I will let down the nets.”

Simon, along with every other man aboard his quaint fishing boat, was astonished as they began to sink into the deep waters due to the lavish amounts of fish the Lord had supplied them with. They were overwhelmed, so they dropped their nets, left everything behind and without hesitation they embarked on a journey with Jesus.

Comfort is a chain, and it will hold us back if we let it; but we are able to go before the Lord and let Him release us from the grip of complacency. The mysteries of tomorrow that cloud our lives aren’t so obscure to Him. It’s like walking through a fog. The beauty of walking with the Lord is that He is firm and secure and we don’t need to understand every little thing- that’s not our job.

He does not change. He is all we’ve got. He is every chance, every opportunity, every breath.

Imagine you are 7 years old and you went to Red Robin. You got the shiniest red balloon in the whole world, and it is really something special. You get out of the car and realize that you have to constantly hold on to it or it will escape. So you grip it because you need to have control over it. This balloon must be yours. Forever and always, it must be in your hand.

Imagine that you’ve been gripping this beautiful red balloon as hard as you can but now you’re struggling. Your grip is tight, your fingers are weary and at moments, that red balloon doesn’t even feel worth it anymore; but you are strong and you are in control, so you grip the string and hang on tight.

Then your loving father realizes what you are doing. The effort you’re putting forth to keep this red balloon in your sight is far too much for a little child to handle. He knows this is causing you anguish and it is too much for you. BUT you love this balloon, remember?

Daddy says, “Trust me.”
You say, “I know best.”
Daddy says,“Child, do you want to be free?”
You say, “Yes, daddy, freedom sounds like rest.”

So you feel your father’s fingers wrap around yours and ever so gently, he removes every finger from that delicate balloon string. Before you know it that beautiful, shiny, red balloon is floating through the air. Your father was right — it looks far prettier up there. Best of all you can stretch out those weary fingers. You don’t hurt anymore and your balloon looks so beautiful as it soars among the clouds. You can breath again. You have let go. You are free.

As believers, it is so important that we’re willing to let go of every red balloon in our lives. Jesus didn’t come so that we may live comfortably, securely and ordinarily. He says invites us into the deep. Let us follow Him out there and into the magnificent.

Makenna Nahorniak is a senior at Christian Life School. She enjoys leading worship, singing, reading, writing and using her words to encourage others’ hearts. 

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