We leave the church building inspired and filled with Truth and encouragement each Sunday … and somewhere along the course of the week, often we find ourselves in need of a little bit of something to help us through.

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Extra Strength

 Listen to Bringing Meaning to Monday Morning {Sunday, August 31, 2014}

By John Worth, Immanuel attendee and blogger

Hi my name’s John, and I work at Hollister Incorporated. No not “that” Hollister; I don’t bring home hip clothes. I work at the medical device company.

As I think about my job, my normal weekly 9-5 labor post-sermon, I start to consider whether I’m still in the place God can best use me and all the gifts and skills He’s given me. I believe we all regularly ask of ourselves if we are operating out of who we’ve been created to be or if we are just on autopilot doing a job that doesn’t bring your joy and doesn’t engage your abilities and passions.

So I find myself asking, after the message, God is this still where you want me to be and what you want me to be doing?

Some questions you might ask yourself as you wrestle with this question, many of which are the questions asked in the Vantage Point3 course offered at Immanuel include:

  • Is the place I am working now a place where my deep desire and the world’s deep hunger meet?
  • Am I using the strengths, skills, and gifts God has given me in my current job or vocation?
  • Am I passionate about my work?

Heresy compartmentalizationAs I reflect and assess, I know my current job does, indeed, positively satisfy the first two questions I pondered above. Currently I am doing IT finance work and within the nuances of my position I am asked to do everything from very technical data structuring and programming to financial analysis to planning to conducting training sessions. This suites me well, and it engages my skills. Each one of these areas are things that I know God specifically gave me skills in and enjoyment from doing.

But what about that third question; am I passionate about my work? This is a little stickier for me. Am I passionate about medical supply devices? Not particularly, but I am passionate about helping people and that is one of the hallmarks of our company’s mission.


More importantly, though, I am passionate about serving God and allowing my love for Him and His love for me to shine through the work I do. My job is one of the primary places where I can bring this passion to the forefront no matter the work I am doing.

While I sometimes fall into the trap of feeling like my work is a hindrance to being able to serve God more fully, Pastor Joe encouraged me in embracing that I am absolutely accomplishing the will of God and serving him during my 9-5.

John Worth is director of Immanuel Accelerate, a lifelong attender of Immanuel and husband to Hyacynth. John’s two boys keep him and Hy on their toes most evenings. When he’s not nose deep in spreadsheets at work John enjoys helping others navigate the waters of life.

Be Challenged: 

  • Are you serving God through loving other people and letting the Light within you shine at your workplace?
  • Are you doing all things to the glory of the Lord even if you’re not in your idea environment?
  • Are you being invited to explore some of the questions listed above? You may want to explore Vantage Point3. Open to men and women; scroll down to the end of the linked page. Courses begin soon.

Go Deeper:

  • Answer the questions in our Conversation Starter {found by scrolling to the last page after clicking the link} by yourself, with your small group or with a trusted friend.

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