by Sarah Wittkamp, MOPS attendee
At a time in my life when I could not see into the next moment, there was a very bright light.
Just when I thought I might remain alone in the darkness and pain of losing our oldest son and that my younger children would be stuck with a lowly mess of a mom … God then told me “no.”
mops-logoWhere deep covers deep, God handed me an instrument — an instrument designed by Him to save moms from believing they can’t.
This life and faith-saving instrument is made up of many remarkable, gifted, loving and lovable women — MOPS, an acronym that God surely has inscribed on the palm of His hand!
During just the one year that I have been blessed to be a part of Immanuel’s Mothers of Preschoolers group, I have learned that there are no perfect moms.
What a relief!  This world would have us believe otherwise, causing us to hold ourselves hostage to the ideal of perfection. Knowing our lives and families are perfectly imperfect is more liberating than mere words could ever define.
The overall message for me was that we are enough, even on our worst days.  There is not only hope for tomorrow but for the time in between.  MOPS has shown me motherhood and acceptance. It was a message, among many given, that I desperately needed to hear; to realize that I am not messing up my other children by grieving the loss of our oldest son, brings me to my knees in praise to our amazing Father and His graceful ways.
I thank God daily for building this beautiful community of women, moms and friends, who have held me in prayer and surely in their hearts. MOPS has given me the opportunity to see outside of my own tragedy and to focus on the needs of other moms, be it in prayer or in deed.
I feel free from the façade of being the perfect mom and from the notion that we should really have it all together! It is a beautiful mess, and I wouldn’t trade it for the world!
Be you bravely MOPSInstead of fearing that what I am doing isn’t the right way, I can now embrace each moment, right in the middle of this beautiful mess, where God would have me.
We are together on the front lines, raising our amazing children and becoming the moms and women that God has so lovingly created us to be while forming friendships, nurturing one another in every way, hand in hand. By this instrument of grace, faith and love we are held, and as this next year of MOPS draws nearer, I can hear Him whisper, ”Be you bravely.”


MOPs begins September 2014! Learn more about or register for Immanuel MOPs here!

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