Because of your generous support and gifts to Immanuel through Accelerate, we are able to partner with God in the work He is doing around the world. Thank you!

by Doug Gillaspie, World Outreach Director

Travel is both ministry and pleasure for my wife Deb and me. We have been privileged to literally travel around the world. When I encounter followers of Jesus in different countries I am always amazed by the size of their faith and ashamed of the size of my own.

That was never more true than during our recent trip to India. Beginning with a tour of India and Nepal, Deb and I had the privilege of visiting a ministry in Delhi with which the people of Immanuel have already been introduced. The ministry is called Anurag. It is a school and training center for poor children and young adults.

Literally a few hours after landing we were whisked off to this place of hope in the midst of much hopelessness. We were greeted by Prem Gideon, the founder and director of the ministry. We were amazed at the breadth and depth of the work being done. Over 700 children and young adults are receiving education and training that was beyond their means. Most importantly, these 700 souls and their families were being exposed to the love of Jesus Christ.

During our two-day visit we not only interacted with many of the children but also heard the story of Anurag. Through faith and faithfulness, what started as a burning passion of God’s love, Anurag has grown from the humble beginnings of a single rented classroom to two entire buildings of classrooms and training facilities. Prem shared how each time she was burdened to expand the reach and service of Anurag God honored her obedience to do what she could while she trusted God to provide very great needs.

I’ve learned during the years that when I have much I trust God less; when I have nothing I trust God more. Hearing the Anurag story challenged me to let go of what I have so I can better grasp the hand of God.  It has prompted me to think daily about what I holding on to, what it is I have put my faith in.

So what are you holding on to for today, tomorrow and for eternity?

Anurag is a new Strategic Partner of Immanuel and World Outreach. Be sure to visit the display in the lobby on Sunday July 20th to learn more about Anurag and meet Prem.


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