Update from Bright Hope via World Outreach Team

Thank you Immanuel Church for your support of Bright Hope’s Anti-Human trafficking work in Northern India. Because of your investment in the program, the Bright Hope safe house was able to take in two additional young women this April who were part of a group of five women the Indian government rescued during a raid in Mumbai. The local government approached the Bright Hope safe house to take in these girls because of the great favor and reputation the Lord has brought to the safe house and its leadership. Without our partnership with Immanuel Church, Bright Hope may not have been able to financially assume responsibility for these young women. Please join with us in praying for their rehabilitation and receptivity to the Gospel of Hope as they are presented with the love of Jesus Christ each day.

Please note that when new girls come to the safe house it takes them a while to warm up and trust the staff. Slowly over time we learn their “real” stories. Until then the information we have is the statement they make upon rescue about their situation. Often this is lacking detail.

Please read Kali’s story and pray for her by name.

kaliAHTpictureName: Kali
Date entered the Safe house: 05/05/2014
Age: 17 years old

Kali is 17 years old and was working in the s*x trade business. She is the second youngest of seven siblings and she has four brothers and two sisters. Sadly, one brother and one sister are no longer living. She is not from Mumbai but from the district close to Udder Pradesh called Gwaliar. Mumbai is a 19-hour drive south of Gwaliar. We are not certain how Kali got to Mumbai but we know that her father was aware of her being there and the reason. We are not sure of his involvement in her situation but we know her older sister is also working in the s*x trade with their father’s knowledge. The family owns a large piece of land and has a large house and is financially well off. Also it appears that there was a warrant on file for the father at the police station. Kali was awarded to our safehouse by the CWC in order to protect her from being re-trafficked should she be released to the custody of her parents.

For more information about our strategic partnership with Bright Hope in effort to combat human trafficking in India, head over to our newly revamped World Outreach page and look at our partnership with Bright Hope under Strategic Partners. 

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