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by Gracie Adamek

I think we can all agree that God does some amazing things in our lives, right?

Time and time again God proves His greatness and shows me a plan far beyond my imagination.

So why is it so hard for me to trust Him with my future and give Him control?

Recently, my English teacher told me about this super cool opportunity. When I go to college, I’m going to community college first, and if I do well enough there, I can go to a university to study special education, 100% for free.

But my dilemma is this: I would have to stay in Illinois and teach there for pretty much my whole life or I have to pay everything back. It’s a huge commitment, and I really don’t know where God is going to take me.

What if I marry a man whose job requires us to move? What if I decide I can’t handle winter anymore? (Actually I think that ship has sailed …) What if, what if, what if.

But I know that God is going to make it all work out for me. I just have to trust Him.

John 14:1 says, “Don’t let your hearts be troubled. Trust in God, and trust also in me.”

It’s going to work out. God says so.

Snapshot_20121212Gracie Adamek is a senior at Lakes Community High School. She enjoys singing, acting and spending time with friends! Gracie is so grateful for this opportunity and hopes to glorify God 100 percent through this!

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