You know that Sunday feeling, right?

We leave the church building inspired and filled with Truth and encouragement on Sundays … and somewhere along the course of the week, pieces of the message tend to fade and we often lose that Sunday feeling.

The Monday After {the Sunday Sermon} carries the Sunday message into Monday mornings by sharing how what we’ve heard on Sunday morning is making a difference in our Mondays, our weeks, our lives. Because of your generosity to Accelerate, we are able to share these stories! Thank you!

The Monday After Sunday, March 16, 2013: Integrating God’s Word into Our Lives

By Anita Everly

Perhaps you’ve heard of a few little movies by the names of Braveheart, Pearl HarborThe Man in the Iron Mask and Secreatriat?
Randall Wallace is the screenwriter for the award winning Braveheart, the story of William Wallace and his struggle to lead Scotland to political freedom.
A friend of mine had the opportunity to hear Randall Wallace speak at a conference recently.  Do you know what his big secret was to becoming a great writer?
Doing it.
Yes, that’s it.
He mentioned that he prepares to write the night before. He lays out his clothes, gets his coffee ready to hit brew and prays for the morning ahead—the night before. And when morning comes, he slides into his clothes, brews the coffee, prays again and starts writing. And writes every single day. Even if there are no words, he writes: nothing, nothing, nothing, nothing over and over. Soon the words and captivating stories come alive again through his fingertips. He has learned the art of integrating writing into his everyday life by preparation and execution.
In 40 Days in the Word, Rick Warren suggests the same thing for Bible reading. Preparing the night before: getting to bed earlier, laying out our Bibles and whatever materials we need, and opening it all up to be ready to slip into our time with God. I think he even mentioned getting the coffee ready, too.  {Thank you, Rick and Randall.}
If you are struggling with getting into God’s Word, this is something that might help tremendously. My quiet times had been inconsistent and good attempts to get them done later in the day did not happen many days. Rick Warren mentioned this so I tried it the next day, and it’s worked wonderfully well since. It’s pretty hard to go all day ignoring, forgetting or being interrupted in our attempt to read the Bible when it’s all opened up and ready to go.
If your days are easily interrupted by events or even precious people in the hours before dawn or work begins, this might be of help. Or maybe it’s taking your Bible and devotionals to work to do at lunch. Or setting it up on your bed in the morning to do right before you go to sleep. Whatever suits your learning and lifestyle.
Whatever will work, we just need to do it.
And just like Randall Wallace with his writing, there may be days we read and don’t hear a lot from the Lord. But if we keep at it, it doesn’t take long for us to recognize what God wants for us right where we are and with exactly what we need. His Words to us come.
Even if you are a pro at consistent quiet times and the actual doing it is not an issue, perhaps going into deeper study, journaling more, praying more deeply, listening to God or memorizing scripture can be areas where preparing ahead can provide more fruitful accomplishment in integrating God and His Word into our lives.
As far as God’s Word goes, we cannot build our lives on it, feed on it, live by it, grow through it, act on it or trust in it if we don’t read it.
When we prepare and execute a plan for being in His Word, He is faithful and quick to permeate us with His truths.
And that is the ultimate freedom!

Anita Everly is the wife of David and mom to their three sons.  She can be found watching the lives of her men unfold, creating a home, and encouraging other women in life and motherhood.  She is striving to live life on purpose because she is crazy in love with the One who is crazy in love with her.


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