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by Robyn Ondo, special contributor and Immanuel attendee

For the past few years, Ben (husband) and I have become acutely aware that with our personalities and that of our son Noah, we would need some help. We started praying for key people in at Immanuel to take an interest in him and speak into his life. The past few weeks I’ve been thinking a lot about his development. In the past couple of months, we have seen him developing greatly in his leadership skills. This was affirmed today when I received a text from a friend. Part of the text read, “By the way, someone (man) mentioned your Noah to me and what a beast he was at basketball but even more impressive was what an amazing young man of sportsmanship he was.”

I see this as a result of many influences in Noah’s life. One is through iDENTITY and his connections there. However, since this is Noah’s first year in iDENITY, I even more see the impact of the Upward Basketball team and children’s ministry on him. I appreciate that the leadership of Upward has embraced Noah and allowed him room to grow. His coaches allowed him some leadership on the team and his fellow team mates respected him. He also has enjoyed serving there.

In light of mine and Ben’s focus on developing leaders, especially in the Enriching year of Vantage Point3, it’s exciting to see the potential in the iCKids ministry. Whether it was planned or a by-product, Noah has learned and been embraced in the emergence of leadership. As you take a look at these ministries and their effectiveness at achieving their purpose, I wonder how much more we can capture the leadership potential of our young people if we think strategically about incorporating leadership development of the students into that purpose. Either way, I appreciate how people involved with iCKids have spoken into Noah’s life and I pray that God will continue to prompt such quality adults to particularize Noah throughout his adolescence.

To learn more about the iCKids ministry, click HERE!

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