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by Gracie Adamek

I talk a lot.

Silence scares me. I’ve noticed that I tend to fill silence in any way that I can because it genuinely unsettles me. Unfortunately, I do this with God, too. I really like praying and talking to God all day, though. God certainly gifted me when He gave us prayer.

But I feel like sometimes I use that gift to my disadvantage. I never really thought about this until somewhat recently, but my relationship with God suffers because I can’t just sit and listen to what God has to say.

This past Sunday at iMPACT, Pastor Josh talked about living in awe of God. It hit me that I am not typically living in true awe. I know that God is huge. We are insignificantly small to Him. The thing is, I can’t really ever seem to wrap my head around just how large God is so I just don’t try. And then I feel inadequate when I hear people talk about how sunrises take their breath away and they are dumbfounded by how God could create something so amazing and beautiful. I mean, don’t misunderstand me, I love nature and the beautiful sights God has given us! But all of that really doesn’t make me fall on my knees before The Lord.

For a long time, I felt like it should and since it didn’t, I clearly just wasn’t passionate enough or something. But something else Josh talked about was General Revelation and Specific Revelation. General Revelation is God revealing Himself to a large group (like with a sunset and mountains and things like that) and Specific Revelation is revealing Himself to individuals (like with a passage of scripture). I realized that I usually experience the latter.

A good Bible verse can break me down way faster than thinking of the vastness of God. My favorite is John 16:33:

“In this world you will have trouble. But take heart, I have overcome the world.”

Verses like this comfort me so much and really make me think. I believe that God places me in certain parts of The Word whenever I crack it open. But that’s kind of rare for me nowadays. I have let everything else in life come before getting into my Bible and taking quiet time with God. I think that’s my problem!

I don’t live in awe because I don’t give myself the chance to be humbled in the best way God uses to humble me. Josh offered a challenge at the end of iMPACT on Sunday: Take at least 5 minutes of quiet time each day. I need it. Will you join me? I would love that! Five minutes. No talking. Just listening. Let’s learn to be ok with silence.

Snapshot_20121212Gracie Adamek is a senior at Lakes Community High School. She enjoys singing, acting and spending time with friends! Gracie is so grateful for this opportunity and hopes to glorify God 100 percent through this!

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