Tips for Getting Through What You’re Going Through {click HERE to listen!}

By Sheryll Belonga

There is a familiar expression that says, “hind sight is 20/20.”  That simply means if I knew then what I know now things would be different. The reality is that most often our response is because we didn’t know better.  In order to have that “hind sight” we have to first go through the situation.

If I had not gone through depression, I would not know how God could be my strength through that. If I had not gone through that depression, I would not be able to understand another mom’s similar situation.  If I had not gone through the emotional breakdown that occurred I would not be able to share with you what I learned with the hope that it will help you.

Looking back at the sermon Pastor Josh gave, he noted four things we could do when placed into a stressful situation:

  1. We can push it aside and pretend it doesn’t exist. This was my first reaction.  Instead I should have acknowledged my emotions and fears as real and taken them to God.
  2. We can isolate ourselves from the situation and at times from others.  At times I did this as well.  Leaving home to run an errand or do anything with three little one can be a daunting task, so often times we just stayed in.  Instead I should have reached out to family more, specifically my husband, when I felt drained or needed help.  Note: there was only one Superwoman in this world and even she was fake.  Know your limits and don’t be afraid to ask for help.
  3. We can play the victim.  This is the one thing I can’t recall doing.  I didn’t feel as though this had happened to me as much as I felt I allowed it to happen to myself.
  4. We go into survival mode and we just go through the motions.  We do just enough to get by.  I did that many days, and don’t get me wrong, sometimes that is all you can do.  But survival mode caused me to miss out on life.  I was so focused on my challenges and what I couldn’t do that I missed out on all that I could.  I was blessed to have three children. Three! Many women aren’t able to have one.  If I felt I couldn’t do anything that day because they just wanted me there then that is what I should have done.  Some days you have to let everything else around you go and just focus on living and enjoying life as a mom. Eat cereal for dinner if necessary. Wait a day to take a shower if the kids are under foot or put on a swimsuit and put them in tub too.  Just relax and breathe.

Pastor Josh also mentioned something we do as veteran Christians: we forget how big God is.  And it is in those times that we need to remember how big He is most of all.

Have you ever had someone bully you and in the back of your mind you knew who you would call for help?  After telling you helper all about this bully, they come to your defense. Then you stand behind them with your tongue poked out thinking, “nah!”  Can you imagine that?  Can you imagine that feeling of all your stresses from that challenge melting away as God goes before you and defeats them all.  Man, I wish I would not have forgotten how big God was back then, but I sure am glad I know now.

Hind sight is 20/20, and I am blessed to now have better vision.  It also doesn’t hurt that God has also allowed me to have a pair of glasses that assists me with this new found vision (literally).

Sheryll Belonga is wife to Jurrell and homeschooling mom to their three great boys. Her hearts desire is to glorify God in all she says and does in spite of life’s daily happenings.

One thought on “Tips for Getting Through What You’re Going Through {Sheryll}

  1. Thank you for your vulnerability Sheryll. God is with us through all challenges. I love this: “Don’t tell God how big your problems are, tell your problems how big your GOD is.” I needed this today 🙂

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