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by Gracie Adamek

Has anyone ever told you something like: “you have a right to be mad at that person” or “they don’t deserve forgiveness”?

People have said that to me. It’s funny how easily we hold grudges, isn’t it? It’s much harder to forgive someone for whatever wrong they have done in your life than it is to maintain a sour attitude towards them. Instead of letting go and repairing a broken relationship, we hang on to words and actions or lack thereof. Sometimes, the last thing we want to do is forgive people but the funny thing is that you’re usually not doing anyone a favor but yourself when choosing to forgive.

I have found that if someone hurts my feelings they either a.) don’t know or b.) don’t care. So in both of these situations, I am the one getting hurt. I am the one holding in all of this pain. But sometimes, the situation cannot simply be fixed with mentally and emotionally choosing to let go. While yes, this is a great place to start, it’s so important for us, as Christians, to sit down and talk it out with that other person.

Matthew 5:23-25 says, “Therefore, if you are offering your gift at the altar and there remember that your brother or sister has something against you, leave your gift there in front of the altar. First go and be reconciled to them; then come and offer your gift.”

I will never forget my first real fight with one of my best friends. At first, I only noticed a little shift in our relationship. It was just different. A few months went by and we got increasingly angrier at each other. Neither one of us likes confrontation so we just went on, hoping this rift would just work itself out. It didn’t and our friendship took a steep decline.

I felt so far away from God. I couldn’t tell why, though. I thought it had something to do with some family issues I’d been experiencing but when all of that was over and had calmed down, I still couldn’t move forward with God.

In March of 2013, things started to heat up in this fight. We decided we needed to talk, and she came over to my house. When she left that night, a huge weight was lifted off my shoulders and before I knew it, we were better than ever. I felt free.

Pastor Josh spoke this past Sunday at iMPACT about how if we harbor anger down in our hearts, it will affect our relationship not just with other people, but also with God. We meet spiritual roadblocks. And then we think that if we just try harder and read our Bibles more and pray harder that this feeling of being stuck will go away.

But it won’t. Not if we’re hanging on to whatever pain that’s weighing us down. There comes a time where we must let go and let God be God. The bottom line: angry guts lead to spiritual ruts. Reconcile right away. Take the initiative, listen, and cooperate. 

Snapshot_20121212Gracie Adamek is a senior at Lakes Community High School. She enjoys singing, acting and spending time with friends! Gracie is so grateful for this opportunity and hopes to glorify God 100 percent through this!

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