by John Worth, director of Accelerate

Dear Immanuel family,

The month of November is an exciting month in the life of Immanuel.  There are several things I would like to make sure you are aware of as we begin this month.

To begin, we are reaching the end of the first year of our two year Accelerate generosity initiative.  Many of you made a commitment of “Accelerated” giving to Immanuel back in November of 2012, and we are grateful for your commitment and faithful giving over the past year.

As we begin our second year of Accelerate we would like to invite those who haven’t made a commitment as well as those who did last year to fill out a new commitment card for planned giving during December 2013 – November 2014. The commitment card is simply a way to help us to plan for the additional fund’s use during the second half of Accelerate.  We will not call and bug you about the amount nor will we as an Accelerate team know who has committed how much other than on an anonymous basis.

We hope you will take the time over the next several weeks, as a family or by yourself, to listen and discern what God is asking for you to do in terms of generosity toward Immanuel. You can place your completed commitment cards in the offering basket, or at the table in the foyer through the first week of December.  Or if you prefer you can also follow the link below or the IR code to fill out your commitment card online.

Secondly, I am pleased to report that during our first year of Accelerate we so far have exceeded our budgeted giving by $17,500, which has been distributed between mortgage reduction, locally into the Alpha ministry and globally to a special project in the Philippines. We are very thankful to all of the people of Immanuel for making this possible.

Finally, the biggest thing to come in November was announced last week by elder Ben Ondo, our special Accelerate offering on November 24.

Immanuel’s leadership team is taking a step of faith and designating the entire offering we receive on that Sunday toward our special Accelerate initiatives. None of the money collected that week will go toward operating expenses (ie. staff, utilities, programming); all will go toward mortgage reduction, local ministry (micro Alpha) and global ministry (India anti-human trafficking).

Our goal on November 24 is to raise $75,000, an amount that has never been given on one Sunday in Immanuel’s history.  You won’t want to miss this unique opportunity to make an enormous impact on the world for Christ through our combined generosity.

Provided we raise $75,000, we would be making a payment of $60,000 toward our mortgage. To put this extra payment toward the mortgage in perspective, our current loan balance is approximately $2.7 million. Our loan will need to be either fully paid off or refinanced by April of 2018.  A $60,000 principle payment would mean if we were to refinance to a 30-year loan at 5 percent interest we could have the loan paid off 20 months sooner and save $56,000 in interest!
That’s close to two years of $12,800 additional dollars per month that could be used toward reaching our community and our world for Christ!

At Immanuel we believe that God is calling all believers to be involved in His work, both with our time as well as talent and treasure in order to help us grow as His disciples. Thank you for your continued generous support as we prepare at the end of November to celebrate all God has done for us and say thank you as we give back to Him.

Please feel free to reach out to me, any member of our elder board or staff with questions you may have regarding Accelerate at Immanuel.

John Worth

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