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by Trever Carter

Recently at youth group, Josh has been talking about dating relationships. For the past few weeks, he has been preaching about the importance seeking God in relationships, putting Him first and being mindful of the relationship’s impact on us, all while guarding our hearts.

Because I’m not in a relationship with anyone at the moment, and haven’t been for quite some time, I’ve been praying about how God can speak to my heart and mind right now with the words that have been spoken at youth group. Surely I can apply them down the road, but there has to be an application now, too. This past Sunday’s message really got me thinking.

While the message may have been geared toward dating relationships, I am confident it can be applied to our friendships and other relationships as well. The key phrase “If your relationship is not filling you up, dump it out” really hit me hard and began to resonate and sound in some areas of my life. Lately, I’ve been more focused on the friendships in my life that are, in the moment, gratifying. However, they are not necessarily filling me up spiritually, and the water in my glass is beginning to grow stagnant. By no means am I saying these relationships are bad. I believe they’re important, but maybe not so important to be detracting from other friendships in my life. I can see some friendships that really matter, the ones that fill me up, are begging to deter: the water is beginning to pour a little bit slower, and I hate seeing that.

I’ve always related my relationships to walking a tight rope. It’s crucial for me to find a perfect middle ground between everyone in my life. I never cease to wobble on it, however (I must have horrible balance … ). I’ve praying to focus more on the relationships that pour into me again. That area of my life has started to become dry, and it has begun to affect the rest of the areas of my life. Maybe there are some glasses I need to pour out, and there are definitely some glasses I need to refill. I’m praying God picks me up and sets me back on the tight rope, and helps me balance between the friendships in which I pour out and in which I am poured into.

TrevernewheadshotTrever Carter is a junior at Grayslake North High School. He enjoys running, playing lacrosse, and photography. He also likes to write, serve with the church, and spend time with his friends.

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