You know that Sunday feeling, right?

We leave church inspired and filled with Truth and encouragement on Sundays … and somewhere along the course of the week, pieces of the message tend to fade and we often lose that Sunday feeling.

The Monday After {the Sunday Sermon} carries the Sunday message into Monday mornings by sharing how what we’ve heard on Sunday morning is making a difference in our Mondays, our weeks, our lives. Because of your generosity to Accelerate, we are able to share these stories! Thank you!

The Monday After Sunday, September 15, 2013: Fully Devoted: Community, part one

By Dawn Kelley


For years that word wasn’t in my vocabulary or my life. For years I had resisted that very thought. It wasn’t because I didn’t like people or sharing my life with others. It wasn’t because I thought I could do it on my own but rather I had been deeply wounded by people I loved and respected. And that changed my attitude toward community for many years.

I began keeping things to myself; however I shared them with my husband. But community beyond that was sparse. In 2009 my mother was diagnosed with breast cancer. That was when I started praying and asking God for a friend. To be exact, I asked God for a “few” good friends. I uttered these prayers for an entire year. And the following year everything began to change. My mother’s battle was a hard one, and we were there for each other as a family, but I needed more; we needed more.

The the following year, my mother’s condition worsened, and our community began to build. God began answering my prayers for a “few” good friends. He took me through The Alpha Course where I formed some lifelong friendships; He began to change my heart and gave me a longing for community.

He then placed me in the middle of a wonderful group of people for the Vantage Point3 course. These people prayed for me and loved me during that nine-month-long course. God also gave me a group of amazing women who came together for a study called Missional Moms.

In December 2011, my mother lost her battle. One of the most amazing feelings was looking among the many, many people who came to say their goodbyes to my mom and in the midst of the crowd stood a group of women who did not know my mom but had prayed for her and my family, cried with me and rejoiced with me. They were there — no agenda’s; they were just there.

Some work was still to be done in my hearts when it came to community, though. Right before the summer, my husband and I were invited to join a small group. My first thought was to run and run fast. I wasn’t sure I wanted to get back into a small group setting, but we decided to try it anyway.

When we left church this Sunday, we headed to our family gathering for our small group; after a message we’d just heard, it gave me a whole new perspective of small groups: God created community, and I realized that God loves me so much that He has given me people to do life with.

He doesn’t want me to go it alone, and He does not want you to either.

My husband reminded me that while Jesus was on Earth He wasn’t alone; He had his disciples. In His death he wasn’t alone, and in His resurrection He wasn’t alone. Jesus immersed himself in community … so why shouldn’t I?

I am challenged by Pastor Joe’s message to look at the Small Group Connection event and community as a gift so graciously given by God to help me along in my walk.

God thought of everything. He gave His Son to save us, His word to teach us, His Holy Spirit to guide us and His body to walk this life with.

Are you ready to get involved with a group of people and do life together? Check our our Small Group Connection event and get plugged into a small group this fall!

Dawn Kelley is the wife of Andrew and the homeschooling mother of four, Jaden, Niya, Makayla and Aiden. She loves to read and write in her spare time, and she currently uses a personal blog to share her adventures in motherhood and womanhood.

3 thoughts on “The Monday After: Fully Devoted: Community, part one {Dawn}

  1. Oh, Dawn, you hit it right on the head with that last sentence. He gives us everything we need — we just have to accept it! Blessed to have walked with you these past few years, my friend.

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