One thought on “Your Weekly Mug of Joe on the Go: Life Together

  1. Hi Joe,
    Thank you for the Dwight Pentecost reference. I have been working my way through parts of this book, daunting in volume, but very very well organized and indexed. I realize that where I became curious about the issue of “soul sleep” was by watching a religious program featuring a speaker named Cox. Turns out it was an Adventist produced program which is why “soul sleep” came up. The logic sort of was intrigueing, but Pentecost set the issue straight scripturally. It’s been a while since I looked at Adventist beliefs which is why my curiosity was peaked. So I’ve been looking at the Grand view of Escatology per Pentecost and it has restimulated my faith in the Blessed Hope that first bought me to Christ back in 1971. Again, Joe, thanks for the referral. Steve Ceskowski

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