Your generosity to Accelerate helps transform lives! Every Friday, we’re taking a peek at how God is working in the lives of our impact students. This week, we’re wrapping up our San Diego mission trip series. 

by Gracie Adamek

During my time in San Diego, we went to an adult day center, essentially a day care for the elderly, and I met a lot of really interesting people.

The majority of the men and women that we encountered had some sort of disability. Maybe they’d had a stroke and it effected their body or they had Dementia or something of that nature. Regardless of any ailment they may have had, I learned something from everyone I came in contact with!

There was this awesome man named Don who never missed an opportunity to remind the students that we could be anything we wanted to be and to never stop reaching for our dreams. There was a lady named Muriel from Panama who was very feisty and loved to laugh at herself and sometimes at others. She reminded me not to take life too seriously and to laugh often — a good thing to remember! And lastly, I met a really cool woman named Phyllis who was absolutely the funniest and sweetest woman in the whole place. She repeatedly said that no matter how hard a situation was, with God, “It’s gonna be alright.” Her main goal in life, Phyllis said, is to make at least one person smile a day. I think that is so great because she really, genuinely cares about other people and making them have a good day. That should be more people’s daily goal, I think!

I learned a lot from those people, and I hope those lessons stick with me forever.

Snapshot_20121212Gracie Adamek is a junior at Lakes Community High School. She enjoys singing, acting and spending time with friends! Gracie is so grateful for this opportunity and hopes to glorify God 100% through this!

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