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by Alexus Jones

Life has taken a turn for the incredibly busy. It seems that every time I think, “Oh, life couldn’t possibly get any more hectic than this,” something else is thrown onto my plate.

Fortunately, I have been given the kind of personality that thrives in the chaos of life. I have never flourished more than when I get to be in a constant state of doing. My most recent event was a house show that I had the privilege of performing in last Saturday. A good friend of mine—Liz Turner—and I have begun a duet group called Hallowshade, and our first performance went incredibly well. Performing is usually not my favorite thing to do, but as God continues to allow for more performing opportunities, I seem to be growing more comfortable with the idea. In addition to the house show, I’m also experiencing the fun of working on a solo EP, working to get more shows, planning various house shows with another friend, planning a trip to my father’s house in Virginia, working at my job at Lakehouse Lake Villa, recently beginning a babysitting gig and the list goes on. Life got busy.

Busyness has a way of tearing us from the things that we find most important. I will often try to justify it all in continually reminding myself that all of this busyness is only temporary; I can return to what’s really important as soon as it’s all over. “Oh, I’ll get around to reading my Bible more often once this is over,” or, “Yeah, I know I haven’t been praying much lately, but I can get back to that once this is over.” Well, I’ve been telling myself things like that for years, but life hasn’t stopped being busy. The temporary put-off of my relationship with God can turn into a permanent lifestyle of putting God off to the side.

The first thing that usually takes a blow when my schedule starts to fill is my Bible reading. It starts out on the days that I have a lot going on; I tell myself that I’ll get to it tomorrow. However, when tomorrow ends up being just as busy, I put it off until the day after that. Then the snowball effect takes over, and I eventually stop altogether.

A couple weeks ago, Oneighty—one of the two youth groups I attend—had an evening dedicated to the incoming freshmen. The night is meant to introduce the new atmosphere to the new students. At the end of the youth pastor’s message, some of the student leaders gave a little mini-message about each of the things that Oneighty is “all about”: worship, God’s Word, prayer, Jesus, love, and the Holy Spirit (there may have been one or two that I missed. My bad.).

A student by the name of Matthew Harder was speaking on the importance of God’s Word, and he described it by asking another student named Christian to join him in front. He asked Christian, “Hey, can you drive me to Walmart?” but rather than letting Christian respond, he said, “Okay, cool! Let’s go!” He then walked away from Christian, but when Christian didn’t follow him, he came back confused and said, “Christian, I said ‘Can you drive me to Walmart?’” and once again did not allow Christian to answer. He then got angry and started shaking Christian, yelling, “Christian, why won’t you drive me to the store?”

He then explained himself. We often pray to God, asking for various things of various importance, and when God doesn’t answer our questions or prayers, we get angry. What we forget sometimes is that God speaks to us through His Word, and when we don’t read it and try to understand and interpret what it says, then we aren’t really letting God respond to our prayers.

I took this to heart this week and finally began a Bible reading plan that I’ve been meaning to do for years now. It’s been a rough start, but I’m starting to get the hang of it. I’m finding that I need to read the Bible in different perspectives sometimes in order to really pick up what God is trying to tell me. There is always something new and amazing to learn from His Word, and there’s never a time in our lives that we shouldn’t take advantage of that—even when the Bible seems like the last thing on the to-do list.

Alexus Jones is a junior at Lakes Community High School. She plays in the high school youth group worship band and works backstage on Sunday mornings at Immanuel Church. She is a singer/songwriter who desires to glorify God with the abilities that He’s entrusted to her.

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