When Ken and Elaine Harju joined a small group, they found more than just community with other couples; they found a deeper intimacy with God and with each other.

“Ken and I now discuss the message all throughout the week,” Elaine said. “We’d never done that before. In being in a small group, we’ve learned how to discuss our faith more with each other. It’s been life changing. Before, Ken had his faith, and I had mine; but never discussed much. Being able to discuss the Sunday message during group has helped Ken and I share with each other in a more intimate way.”

The Harjus joined a small group that already existed when they first came to Immanuel, and they were welcomed into the thriving community, expecting to be in it for the long haul. Nine years later, they feel like it was one of the best decisions they’ve made.

“It’s like being part of a group of best friends for a long time,” Elaine shared. “… Our group has turned into a place where people can confide in each other, sharing their fears, hopes, dreams and issues each person is going through.”

The Harjus have been able to grow in their faith through their small group because they know “what happens in our small group, stays in our group,” Elaine said.

But intimacy like what the Harju’s group has experienced takes time to develop, she honestly said; people who are interested in joining a small group would do themselves a great service to begin it with patience and dedication.

“The group has to form a bond,” Elaine said. “And you need to give time together to bond and develop relationships. The group has to get to know each other before can really get into the other dynamics.”
The patience and dedication to the group has proven extremely worthwhile for the Harjus, and Elaine encourages others in the Immanuel family to get into a small group this fall.
“It’s so important,” she said. “If someone needs something … the group is like your extended family. Not only can the group grow together as an extended family but they also can grow together in the body of Christ.”

Are you interested in being in a small group? Now’s the time to start thinking and praying about making space in your life for entering into connectedness. If you’re thinking about joining a small group see more information about our Small Group Connection event or email BryanB@immanuelhome.org. 

One thought on “Small Groups: Going Deeper

  1. Being in a small group with you has been a pleasure Elaine and Ken. We are looking to get back into small groups because we know how much they can help one grow and walk . Thanks for helping Jess and I as we traveled along together.

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