You know that Sunday feeling, right?

We leave church inspired and filled with Truth and encouragement on Sundays … and somewhere along the course of the week, pieces of the message tend to fade and we often lose that Sunday feeling.

The Monday After {the Sunday Sermon} is our attempt to carry the Sunday message into Monday mornings by walking together and sharing how what we’ve heard on Sunday morning is making a difference in our Mondays, our weeks, our lives. Each Monday, a voice from the pews will give personal perspective to the words we soaked in on Sunday.

The Monday After Sunday, May 13, 2013: A Mother To Die For

By Dawn Kelley

Mother’s day for me is bittersweet. I love being a mother and hearing a message about moms only brings memories of a mother that I can no longer call along with amazing memories of the woman that raised me to be the wife and mother that I am today.

Growing up I absolutely adored my mother. To me she was this perfect being who could never do any wrong. Then I grew older and more observant, and I realized my mother was very similar to me. She shared the ability to be human. There were times where she didn’t quite fit the perfect mold I had made for my perfect mother. She also wasn’t a mother that tried to hide her weaknesses; she embraced them and taught us how to embrace ours by living it out in her own life.

As I listened to Pastor Joe’s message, I compared each of his points with the way my own mother mothered.

Being a devoted mother was the second strength followed by being a mother of patience.  My mother possesed all of those; she was devoted, strong and I can not remember a time when she ever lost patience with us; she waited until we could really get it.

I also looked at my mothering. To look at myself was a bit harder. I believe I am a strong and devoted mother but when it comes to patience well … I always thought I was patient … and then I had kids. It’s very hard to sit back wait and watch, but it is so worth watching my children unfold and blossom into the amazing people God is forming them into.

“Mary was a mother to die for.”

I am so greatful that my mom was a mother to die for. If she wasn’t and if I weren’t I wouldn’t have any hope in seeing her again. You see Mother’s Day for me is a day of enjoying the wonderful blessing of my children and mourning with an achy heart a mother  I can no longer touch, hear, seek out for advice or any of the the things she was for me growing up, through my marriage or in my own mothering.

It is such a blessing to be a mother of four wonderful children, and I am so filled with joy that Jesus thought of me and my own mother as mothers worth dying for.

Dawn Kelley is the wife of Andrew and the homeschooling mother of four, Jaden, Niya, Makayla and Aiden. She loves to read and write in her spare time, and she currently uses a personal blog to share her adventures in motherhood and womanhood.

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