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by Trever Carter

This July, I have the privilege of going to San Diego with some students and leaders from iMPACT. I’m so excited to love others, serve those in need and be the hands and feet of Christ alongside my best friends. After last summer, I’m anxious to see how God continues to use what we learned at the SEMP evangelism conference, a trip that changed my life in more ways than one.

For me, missions and service have always been on the top of my list: nothing brings me more happiness or genuine joy than loving on a person in need. Be it on a day-to-day basis or during intentional trips such as those we take to Chicago, my heart is filled with joy as God is glorified.  My heart for this trip is truly to love others as Jesus did and see God glorified through acts of service.  I hope my team and I leave the week with changed hearts—hearts that continue to yearn to serve whoever God may be putting in our lives.

However, this trip and all it entails seemed in jeopardy as 2012 drew to a close. My mom lost a large sum of her income over winter break due to certain circumstances in her work, which meant that affording this trip would become a much bigger struggle than anticipated. Obviously, my parents said that they would do their best to send me, but there was still some apprehension. And, of course, I could help pay, but I myself would not have been able to do so completely. However, I know that God put my heart in this trip for a reason. My parents said we would wait until I heard back from my support letters before we made any other decisions regarding the trip.

Through these letters, God poured His blessings out and totally provided.  He had laid it on friends’ and family members’ hearts to be generous in regards to this trip. I am in awe and was reminded of God’s faithfulness as He provided everything I needed financially. The coolest part was having my mom see that God really does provide, despite skepticism and apprehension.

I was overjoyed in the fact that this all happened, especially in such a short time. Faith in Him to provide for me, in addition to a large amount of prayer, led to a manifestation of my hopes. I am so humbled to see the people in my life give so generously and am beyond blessed to have a God that hears my struggles and allows me to do His work despite my weakness. I cannot wait to wait to be serving the Lord as a result of His faithfulness!

565825_494718303883308_1511035050_nTrever Carter is a sophomore at Grayslake North High School. He enjoys running, playing lacrosse, and photography. He also likes to write, serve with the church, and spend time with his friends.

2 thoughts on “ICYouth: Provision {Trever}

  1. Trever, this is just the first of many times in your life that you will experience God’s provision of exactly what you need, exactly when you need it. Thanks for sharing!

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