Because of your generous giving lives are being changed! Here’s a story of how God is at work through Immanuel people in our own community! Thank you for your generosity!

by Cyndi Pleasant, Immanuel attendee and co-leader of the Love INC ICU team

Listening to Pastor Joe’s sermon and hearing the words from Isaiah 61 a few weeks ago, resonated with me after a day of volunteering with members of the Immanuel family and our partners from Love Inc.

Once a month several people from Immanuel come together to deliver basic necessities and the Love of Jesus to families and individuals that are starting out in an apartment or home after a time of loss and despair. Entering an apartment with only a chair and a lamp … a hospital bed to sleep on because that’s what you were given upon leaving the hospital after surgery, the emptiness of this apartment became quite noticeable. It made me aware of how much I have, and how much I have that I could live without. Yet even without a couch, a dresser or a coffee table, there is thankfulness for no longer having to live in a shared living arrangement where personal space is a coveted commodity.

The joy we shared as we spoke about Jesus’ love for these recipients of used furniture and household items was by far the best part of the day. We gave out Bibles and prayed together before going on to our next delivery. We encouraged joining in worship with a nearby church and offered names of churches in their area. On we went after big hugs and even bigger smiles.

In the words of Pastor Joe: “The deepest joy, the longest lasting joy comes when we join hands with God in the mission to serve the poor, the needy and those in bondage.”

Joining God in this mission of sharing the joy of knowing Him truly does bring the lightest step and the deepest joy. If you haven’t had this experience you truly haven’t lived. We are blessed to be a part of a church family that offers so many opportunities to join together in this mission.

If you’d like to be involved in an Immanuel Church Unleashed project, visit our website and learn more!

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