Every Friday, we’re taking a peek at how God is working in the lives of our high school students. These servants of Jesus are walking daily by faith as they navigate the hallways and relationships inside their school walls and beyond. Our weekly series will highlight what God is up to in their lives in their voices. Leave them some encouragement by commenting?

by Tyler Brooks

As my senior year of high school comes to an end and summer peeks just around the corner, the season for change is rapidly approaching. It’s the time of year when some of life’s most monumental moments happen, life’s biggest changes occur. It is a transition period, gradually easing you into your next step of life. For me, this period is more then just “the summer before college.” It is the summer my life will change for forever. The year that I will experience God in a way I have never felt or seen. A summer where my faith will be put to the test and my willingness to serve stretched to its limits.  This summer I will be serving Him for two months in China.

If you would have asked me where I’d be and what I’d be doing over the summer a few months back I probably would have given you the typical college student answer. Working. But little to my knowing God had bigger plans for me. He knew I needed to take my faith to the next level, and He knew when and where to do it. While hesitant to give up what essentially pans out to be my whole summer, I knew God was calling me to this trip the moment it was introduced to me. I’ve always had a heart for missions but never would I have expected Him to test me in the way He has.

My decision did not come without serious prayer, but when I knew, I was certain without the shadow of a doubt this is what He wanted me to do. Being the only member from Immanuel Church going made leaving behind my secure summer that much harder. But knowing that I’d be teaming up with two other churches and seven other amazing students on this spiritual journey helped to ease my reluctance to go. And now as the time windless down to just one month away from leaving I could not be more excited.

I am now ready for change. I am ready for Him to light my path and point me in the right direction. The coming months are going to knock my routine world off its axis, but I’m ready! No matter what He has in store for me I am ready to serve. Whether it be in China or college I know He is there supporting me along the way. We all must trust in His ultimate plan, for only He knows our future. Only through Him will the right path be shown.

Of course with change come sacrifices, new opportunities, and new decisions to be made. And because of my approaching trip to China I am sorry to say that this is my last blog post here. Because of the strict internet regulations in China I no longer can continue this amazing opportunity. I am extremely blessed to have been on such a talented team and am excited to see what God has in store for their future. While He has closed one door He has opened up another door for me – one that I am eager and excited to take. I pray this not only for myself but also for you — remember to ask God for guidance in your daily walks. When we stop and listen to Him, good things come and lives transform.

John 10:27-28    “My sheep hear my voice, and I know them, and they follow me. I give them eternal life, and they will never perish, and no one will snatch them out of my hand.”

IMG_0212-2Tyler Brooks is a senior at Warren Township High School; he’s involved with numerous student ministries along with the Tech Team during Sunday morning services. He also shoots videos for the church and other because his passion is photography/videography!

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