You know that Sunday feeling, right?

We leave church inspired by and filled with  Truth, encouragement and passion on Sundays … and somewhere along the course of the day, pieces of the message tend to fade; somewhere along the way, we often lose that Sunday feeling. 

The Monday After {the Sunday Sermon} is our attempt to carry the Sunday message into Monday mornings by walking together and sharing how what we’ve heard on Sunday morning is making a difference in our Mondays, our weeks, our lives. Each Monday, a voice from the pews will give personal perspective to the words we soaked in on Sunday. 

So follow along each Monday as we seek to integrate that Truth into our daily lives; And thank you for your generosity. When you give lives are being changed!

The Monday After Sunday, March 31, 2013: When Grace Dances

By Sheryll Belonga

Not many of us have ever been in an actual desert, but take a moment and imagine it with me.  As you read these words let the gift of imagination take you there:

It is the middle of the day when the sun is at its hottest point.  The air is so dry that you feel as if you can hardly breathe.  You hope to find a tree that will at least shade you from the sun beating down upon you even though you can escape the heat that it emits, but there are none to be found.  In your weariness you think you see a glimmer of something in the distance that resembles water, but as you press on toward it you realize that it was only in your mind.  You feel as if you can’t take another step further and you think to yourself, why did I allow myself to enter into this state, this state of desperate need.  You look back over the situation and think of all the ways it could have been avoided, but, alas, you find yourself in a state of emergency.

Have you ever been in that state before?  That place where you finally have to cry out to God and say, “if you don’t help me I can make it.”  You ask Him to fill you with His life giving water and help you go on.  From a physical standpoint your body has a limit on how long it can go without something as simple as water.  In fact, going too long without it can be fatal.

So my question is why.

Why do we live day after day and not reach out for something that is so easily gotten?  Is it because we think we can hold of just a little longer? I know that is how I think sometimes.  But then I wait too long and I end up in that state of emergency, a state I could have easily avoided.

Maybe that isn’t you; maybe you reach daily for that water.  Maybe you make it a point to pray daily.  Maybe what you need is sustenance.  You see, although prayer is an important point of maintaining your spiritual health, time spent in His word provides the nourishment you need for spiritual growth.  It is like milk to a baby.  Milk is so essential that in an infant it is more important that water.  It is the milk that provides a body what it needs to be able to grow.  What they receive on the inside shows on the outside and when they aren’t getting enough it shows also.  When we don’t spend time in the Word daily we are not prepared to face what may come our way.  We are not equipped to handle the things that daily life may bring.  I find myself in both of these places at times and I always look back and think of how it could have been avoided.

The next time you find yourself tempted to go without that daily drink, remember that it will eventually lead you to a state of emergency.

Sheryll Belonga is wife to Jurrell and homeschooling mom to their three great boys. Her hearts desire is to glorify God in all she says and does in spite of life’s daily happenings.

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