Every Friday, we’re taking a peek at how God is working in the lives of our high school students. These servants of Jesus are walking daily by faith as they navigate the hallways and relationships inside their school walls and beyond. Our weekly series will highlight what God is up to in their lives in their voices. Leave them some encouragement by commenting?

by Tyler Brooks

Walking through life as a Christian can feel like a daunting task. Each day presents new challenges to overcome, new spiritual growth to be made. But far too often we fail at these expectations. We fall short of God’s desires (Romans 3:23) and see ourselves as these worthless, inadequate beings. The challenges in front of us turn into mountains with never-ending peaks. We fall into this downward spiral of self-hate and inadequacy. We simply doubt our walk as a believer.

But I am here to say, “Stop!” Stop doubting who you are as a Christian because you aren’t “perfect.” Granted, I’m not saying stop caring about your failures. I am simply saying stop letting your struggles define you as a believer. Our weaknesses should motivate us to pursue Christ more, not cripple our relationship with Him. It is our job to be a light unto the world. If all we do is pity ourselves because of our meagerness are we showing the world a proper representation of our Mighty Savior?

As believers we should have a striking likeness of Jesus. His life should live in us—through our words and actions. We should be pictures of Christ. When people look at us, they should see Jesus. The world should not have to guess and wonder, but they should know at once that we have been with Him. Therefore we should not judge ourselves based on our failures, rather focus on showing the world God’s love through spreading the Gospel.

As a believer it should be our desire to resolve the areas in our lives that lack Him. However, those areas should not dictate who we are as Christians. If that were the case and our goal was to rid our lives of failure, we would simply be climbing a never-ending staircase. At no point in our lives will we feel we reach the status of a “perfect Christian.” We are constantly slipping up, making it over one mountain just to see another one staring us in the face.

But you see, a relationship with Christ shouldn’t be this daunting task. It should be joyful! It should be a relief knowing we have Christ in our lives! So why do we let these struggles dictate our relationship? Diluting it with our failures?  We must stay optimistic and rejoice in our successes and pray for guidance when we fail.

To spend our entire relationships with God focused on your failures is somewhat illogical. I see it like this: in baseball, pitchers tend to be subpar batters at best. They specialize in striking people out, thus preventing people from getting on base. They still work on batting but realize it is always going to be a struggle. They know where their strengths lie and they use that to their advantage and to the best of their ability. Just because pitchers lacks the skills to be a good batter, doesn’t make them a bad baseball player. They are still remarkable players. People don’t judge them on their weaknesses, but see them for their strengths. Likewise, Christians will not feel they excel in all aspects of their walk with Christ. But just because they feel inadequate in areas doesn’t make them “lousy believers.”  The goal as a believer should be pleasing Christ with all you do. Colossians 3:17 says “And whatever you do or say, do it as a representative of the Lord Jesus, giving thanks through Him to God the Father.”

I challenge you to start seeing your walk in a new perspective. Stop focusing on the negative and focus on His will. If you believe in Him with all your heart, those areas that you feel are ‘mountains to climb’ will become easier with God leading. Sometimes it just takes a change in perspective. Adjust your mindset from feeling like a mediocre Christian to a ready and willing Christian where Christ will do big things through you!

IMG_0212-2Tyler Brooks is a senior at Warren Township High School; he’s involved with numerous student ministries along with the Tech Team during Sunday morning services. He also shoots videos for the church and other because his passion is photography/videography!

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