You know that Sunday feeling, right?

We leave church inspired by and filled with  Truth, encouragement and passion on Sundays … and somewhere along the course of the day, pieces of the message tend to fade; somewhere along the way, we often lose that Sunday feeling. 

The Monday After {the Sunday Sermon} is our attempt to carry the Sunday message into Monday mornings by walking together and sharing how what we’ve heard on Sunday morning is making a difference in our Mondays, our weeks, our lives. Each Monday, a voice from the pews will give personal perspective to the words we soaked in on Sunday. 

So follow along each Monday as we seek to integrate that Truth into our daily lives; And thank you for your generosity. When you give lives are being changed!

The Monday After Sunday, February 24, 2013: Finding God in Failure

By Sheryll Belonga

In Pastor Joe’s message he spoke from Isaiah 33:1-24.  In those verses came three points: trust (v 1-6), brokenness (v7-12) and renewal (v 13-24).  As I reflected on the message he gave along with those verses, a line from a song came to mind which says, “I am nothing if I don’t have you”.

That one line reminded me that life without Christ is like that.  We are nothing if we don’t have Him. In John 15:5, the Bible tells us that apart from Him we can do nothing.  So why do we continue trying to live life on our own?  Oh, you may say that you don’t, but is there an area of your life where you don’t seek His guidance?  Is there an area of your life where He has not been invited in?  Is there an area of your life that you have not turned over to Him and trusted Him to handle it for your good?

It all begins with trust.  In order to get to what God has for us we must believe that He can do all that He says He will do.  In Isaiah 33:6 we read that He will be our foundation and provide us with all that we need to succeed.  With God, failure is not an option.  With God, we can be victorious.

Once we trust Him with our lives, it is easy to humble ourselves before Him and allow Him to handle each situation we face.  When we allow ourselves to be broken before God, He will honor that.  It is only when we become less that He can become more.  It is when we stop trying to do for ourselves what only He can do that His power can truly be seen.

Lastly, we can reach a place of renewal.  When I think of being renewed I think of having a full night’s sleep and feeling refreshed and at peace.  I feel like I can tackle the day.  Turning over our lives to God is like that.  We feel like there is nothing we can’t do.

In Isaiah 33:17 we are told that all we will see is His splendor verses the things that we normally feared as in verse 19.  We will no longer feel incapable of what stands before us but we will feel empowered.  In order to get to this place it all starts with trust.

Will you trust Him today?

Sheryll Belonga is wife to Jurrell and homeschooling mom to their three great boys. Her hearts desire is to glorify God in all she says and does in spite of life’s daily happenings.

2 thoughts on “The Monday After: Finding God in Failure {Sheryll}

  1. Sheryll, God has really been dealing with me and my trust of Him. I’m blessed to have read this this morning … especially at the beginning of this week before we go in for my midwife appointment to see if we can hear baby’s heartbeat. Thank you so much for this reminder to trust Him with ALL parts of life.

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