Because of your generous giving to Accelerate, Immanuel is able to partner with God is His work of transforming lives in our church, our community and throughout the world! Here’s a story of how God is at work through Immanuel people in our own community! Thank you for your generosity!
Immanuel Attendee Dave Thomsen stepped way out of his comfort zone when he said yes to being involved with The Go! Project for Gurnee.
“I was asked to participate, and I personally chose to get involved because that’s what God put us here for — to spread His word, not keep it to ourselves,” he said. “This is way out of my comfort zone, but I know I need to keep moving forward.”
The Go! Project, a partnership between 11 Gurnee churches and people from those churches, started with intentions to make relevant, personal contact with every Gurnee household to effectively present the Gospel so all could know Christ’s love. Now that the initial Go! groups have met, the second Go! groups are forming so that believers can continue to deepen relationships with neighbors they’ve recently met and show them Christ’s love.
Dave, who was part of the initial Go! Project group in his neighborhood, is now involved in the second Go! group in his neighborhood with the intention of hosting The Alpha Course  in his home; he, along with his group’s leaders and point people like Marion Medina from Immanuel, hope to begin the group in early April.
“It couldn’t be more convenient for people,” wrote Barb and Jay Jacobs, the group’s leaders, in an email concerning the in-home Alpha course.
Since beginning The Go! Project, Dave said he has met a lot of people he had only before saw in passing. Dave said the project leaders and team members have been extremely intentional in reaching out to their neighbors through hosting Christmas and Thanksgiving parties and also times of fellowship over meal, all of which has opened doors for engaging more deeply in friendships.
Barb and Jay Jacobs shared via email that during a second Soup Night get together in their and Dave’s shared neighborhood 19 people attended and shared that the bond of the neighbors continued to increase. The evening of the second Soup Night, one of the Go! team members realized she’d forgotten to make a very important phone call to invite a neighbor who regularly struggles with life.
“So [that Go! team member] walked over to her house to invite her last minute,” Barb and Jay wrote. “Well, [that Go! team member] ended up spending an hour and a half visiting, listening and sharing.  This neighbor did not want to come over for fear of spreading flu germs, but through their conversation [the Go! team member] was able to spark more interest in drawing this neighbor closer and closer to Christ.”
Dave said he is looking forward to seeing how God will continue to move in their neighborhood through The Go! Project group.
“We are excited to hold micro Alpha in our neighborhood and to see the response and relationships it will bring,” he said. “I heard in a sermon recently that you are either moving forward in your relationship with Christ or you are moving backward. To do nothing is moving backward; and I pray Alpha will be the vehicle to help the Go! teams and our neighborhood move forward.”

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