Because of your giving to Accelerate (Immanuel) you are already involved in this!!

by Christy Davis, World Outreach Director

In December, Pastor Joe and I spent time with two Anti-Human Trafficking teams in Northern India. We met with government officials, pastors, counselors, lawyers, all committed to rescuing victims of trafficking. One government official brought the trafficking numbers for the last year. In Northern India, 1.2 million children & youth were trafficked. WHAT? Think of that number and put faces to it. Does it break your heart? The people we met are so bold and courageous. These people know that they put their lives on the line…sex trafficking is run by Mafia and you are literally taking away their “property and livelihood” when you take the girls.

We met two rescued girls, 16 and 18 years old. They were shy until I sat on the floor with them asking what they like to do, what they are learning. Their eyes got bright, their smiles big. They showed us around the Safe House, their new home. One is learning to sew, the other is becoming a beautician. They receive counseling, medical help, bible teaching and incredible love through the house parents!

One Christian leader we met was a woman who is 70 yrs old and had heard these trafficking numbers while sitting in church. She told us that she is not waiting for girls to be rescued. She is going to a government house where some “rescued” girls are being kept but not cared for. She’s taking friends from church and they are loving on the girls, praying with them, teaching them how to sew and how to read…using the Bible. This woman is waiting…she knows that there is an urgency and she is willing to go where no one has gone. God bless her.

So what now?

NefariousOn Friday, February 8th, 7-9:30 pm the Nefarious documentary will be shown at Immanuel (ages 16 + are welcome). Bright Hope will explain Human Trafficking and the initiative in India. Come and learn more about this and how you can be involved!!

People are waiting to be rescued…what will you do?

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