Part Two in how YOU have been engaging in world Outreaches partnerships by praying, giving and caring for those at home and in far away lands.


Home Assignment

Argentina- Paul &Ana Hill (returned to field) / Mexico – Chris & Kathy Gouzoules (return to field March 2013)/ Nigeria – Bulus & Rose Galadima (return to field June 2013) – You ENGAGED with them in many ways. Whether it was helping to set up their homes, giving food, transportation, being in bible study with them, praying, sharing a meal, listening to their stories or giving support through WO, you have been a blessing to them and are allowing them to return to their fields refreshed and encouraged.

Operation Christmas Child

You ENGAGED, gave supplies, volunteered many and packed 4,535+ boxes to go to churches all over the world that will distribute these to those in need and share the message of Christ with them! 1000 people came and packed and brought neighbors and friends!


Through your financial giving World Outreach sent $10,000 to Haute Savannette school, supporting a feeding program for the 120 students and small business loans for 6 families. We continue supporting the ministry of Bright Hope ( and Pastor Jephthe Lucien!

Feed My Starving Children

In May, 300 of you engaged in packing …meals for starving people.  Some of those meals are used at Haut Savannette in Haiti. You helped to raise $7,500 to do this!  Thank you to all of the children who gave…each penny made a difference!

West Virginia

47 men went to continue the building of the Storehouse of God on Bertha Hill and The Ark. Through your financial gifts, they had $7,000 to buy materials to continue the project.


We also continue our support of Murray &Kathy Trim (Japan), Rod &Lori Kraybill (South Africa), Mike & Kelli Bicket (Arizona) & your monthly gifts have helped to support all our missionaries in health/family  needs, regular financial support, special needs and encouragement.

Summer Mission Teams

West Virginia men’s team, SEMP youth team, Zion youth team, Mexico &Haiti team…over 100 people went out on mission from Immanuel! Their lives were impacted and they impacted many others.  $9,000 from World Outreach was able to help with scholarships and ministry costs.

GOD is multiplying our gifts (time, finances, prayer) and using it to expand His Kingdom! What a JOY to work alongside Him and keep sharing the gift of LIFE and HOPE. Thank you for Engaging!!

One thought on “World Outreach: Give Christmas Away – Part Two

  1. Thanks for this update! It is encouraging to look back and see how the generosity of our people has reached around the world!

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