Every Friday, we’re taking a peek at how God is working in the lives of our high school students. These servants of Jesus are walking daily by faith as they navigate the hallways and relationships inside their school walls and beyond. Our weekly series will highlight what God is up to in their lives in their voices. Leave them some encouragement by commenting?

by Alexus Jones

As I write to you, it is the afternoon of Thursday, December 20, 2012. I returned home from a busy day to the sudden realization that tomorrow is December 21, 2012. Because it’s quite possibly the most well-known supposed “End of Time” in history, I haven’t been too terribly worried. The Bible does in fact say that no one will know the date of the End, and 12/21/12 is far too famous to be a plausible choice.

However, the humbling thought did cross my mind; what if today really was my last day? How have I lived it? I woke up this morning at 6:02 a.m.. It was raining. I then got ready for school. Within the next few hours, I sat through three exhausting final exams—Wind Ensemble, Spanish III Honors and AP Biology. Then I played some Christmas songs with a group from my school for an old folks’ home—something I really hadn’t planned on doing until someone asked me to play music for it. Now I am at home, studying for tomorrow’s finals and writing a blog post. What if that were my last day on Earth? How would I feel about that?

As much as I long for Jesus’ Second Coming, I cannot help but be saddened at the people I would be leaving behind. There is beauty and horror in the words, “For God so loved the world that He gave His one and only Son so that whoever believes in Him shall not perish but have eternal life,” (John 3:16). As glorious and stunning as this verse is, the inverse never fails to petrify me. If John 3:16 is true, then whoever does not believe in Jesus, shall perish and will not have an eternal life with God.

The apathy of most Christians is staggering. I see the same apathy in myself every day. I walk around the halls of my school with people that I’ve grown incredibly close to, and yet I seem to have accepted that any day that I don’t share Jesus with them is another day that they could die and be eternally separated from our loving Lord and Creator. How can I be ok with that? How can anyone be ok with that?

It’s essentially like discovering the cure to cancer. You’ve discovered this antidote that can eternally rid your body of the mortal illness that has murdered so many people, and you’ve crawled away from death’s door. You celebrate your freedom from this ailment, but your friends, family, and loved ones continue to wither away because you’ve hidden your cure.

At the heart of the matter, that’s basically what our friends are doing; they are dying. Every day, the virus of sin slowly eats away at their bodies until the day that it overtakes them and steals all of life from them. Jesus Christ, your Lord and Savior, is the one thing that we believe to take that virus away. Someone had the courage to first share that remedy with you and I so we could know God, even though it was entirely likely that any one of us would push it away.

Someone else—maybe even the same person—had the patience and love to aid each of us in taking the first steps of that walk of faith so that we each could better know God. Then someone else showed each of us and taught each of us how to read the Bible so we could know God that much more. And two thousand years ago, a man unjustly hung on a cross of shame, and that’s the only reason that we can know God at all. There are so many people— pastors, parents, siblings or even strangers— that have taken risky steps so that you could know God — so that I could know God. Don’t you think that it’s about time we start taking the same risks for the people we adore?

Start small. This week, make it a point to start planting seeds in your friends’ hearts. Invite a non-Christian friend to Sunday morning or Christmas Eve church service. Take someone out to tea and bring up Christianity. Buy them a Bible as a Christmas gift. As we begin our conversations remember that a Christ follower’s most important job is to share the Good News of Christ. We shouldn’t base our success on a person’s reaction; simply sharing His Message is a success. You may not be the person to ultimately bring them to Christ, but you can easily be the first to plant a seed that will continue to be fed and watered by God through others.

God bless, and may your Christmas be fruitful and merry!

Alexus Jones is a junior at Lakes Community High School. She plays in the high school youth group worship band and works backstage on Sunday mornings at Immanuel Church. She is a singer/songwriter who desires to glorify God with the abilities that He’s entrusted to her.

One thought on “ICYouth: Giving the Best Christmas Gift: Jesus {Alexus}

  1. Alexus, these are challenging thoughts. Thank you for articulating so well what we all are supposed to be about as Christians.

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