by Linda Hawn, Immanuel attendee

Whether you’ve been married for days or decades, The Marriage Course can benefit and strengthen your marriage; I speak from experience.

marriage course logo NEWWe’d heard quite a bit about The Marriage Course during Sunday services, and I was very curious about it.  At the time, we’d been married 28 years and everything was going well, but I’m a medical laboratory technologist and I’m analytical by nature; this was an opportunity to focus on our relationship and see what we could be doing differently or better to keep our marriage healthy.  My husband Paul knew I wanted to sign up and, since it was early February, he agreed to it.  Happy Valentine’s Day to Lin from Paul!  Shopping done, and no gift wrap needed!

Here’s how a typical Marriage Course evening went for us.  We were greeted by members of the Marriage Course team and orders for specialty beverages were served with dessert during a class break.  Music played as we headed into the lobby and a delicious spread of hors d’oeuvres awaited.  Here’s a tip – you don’t need to eat supper before you go to class.  Every week has a different theme.  It was fun to see what was waiting for us.

After grazing and chatting, we moved into the classroom.  It was filled with tables for two, complete with flowers and candles.  The course involved watching a DVD and was interspersed with breaks along the way, which gave us a chance to talk just the two of us using questions, quizzes and exercises from a workbook to direct our conversations.  There was no group discussion.   Whew, sigh of relief.

The DVD series was produced in the United Kingdom so we heard lots of English accents.  What is it about English accents that’s so intriguing to us Americans?  Anyway, I digress.  I had told Paul that if he was bored during class he could draw up a tic-tac-toe board, and I would play along.  We didn’t need to play tic-tac-toe.  Paul found that the video and workbook facilitated the discussion periods and led us into conversations we’d never had before.  There were a few times when our jaws dropped and we were looking at each other in surprise, saying things like, “Really?” and “I never heard that before.” and “I’m sorry, I didn’t know …”   I won’t share those moments of enlightenment; no group discussion, remember?

The topics of the seven classes are:  Building a Strong Foundation (we considered it Shoring up our Foundation), Communication, Resolving Conflict, Forgiveness, Family – Past & Present, Good Sex and Love in Action.  During class, it was just the two of us at our table.  There was suggested homework to do and date nights were encouraged.  The team supporting the sessions created a comfortable environment, and they put a lot of effort into making each week special for the couples.  We were really catered to.

The Scriptures have a lot to say about the sacredness of marriage and how our unions are to reflect the oneness of Christ with His church.  In a world where evil tears good things down, please consider taking advantage of this opportunity to get some new tools to build your marriage.

Click HERE to register for The Marriage Course! The next session beings January 18, 2013!

One thought on “The Marriage Course: A Perfect Gift

  1. What a beautiful testimonial to the effectiveness of the Marriage Course! Thank you, Linda, for sharing your experience.

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