-3Jyoti, pictured above right, began dancing at traditional Indian weddings at the age of 18. Her parents are both dead, her older brother underemployed, her younger sister is seriously ill, and because the family is too poor her younger brother can’t attend school or get a job. All the kids lived with their grandmother, but she was very old and frail.

Dancing was the first step in the proverbial slide down to a labyrinth of darkened corridors. Propositioned by drunken wedding celebrants, Jyoti considered her options and could not see the lair she was entering into.

The money looks good and what harm can come from sex?” she thought to herself. She willingly, almost innocently, gave herself over to prostitution to provide for her family.

However, it wasn’t long until the inviting veil of money and fun was lifted and the evil face of prostitution, chemical and physical abuse, shame and slavery became reality.

Jyoti knew she needed to get out; she could see down the road to where this was leading and she realized she had made a huge mistake. But how could she get out? To whom could she turn? Jyoti remembered an aunt who went to Christian church. The aunt talked about how the church had helped her, so Jyoti thought maybe she could get some help, too.

She showed up at the church, crying as she relayed her story. The women counselors put their arms around her and shared that there is hope in Jesus. They also shared the good news that they had a home where she could live and receive help until she was safe and found a new job.

Last month, Jyoti became Bright Hope’s first resident at our Safe House in North India. It is a secure location away from pimps and family members who might force her back into prostitution. Jyoti will receive Biblical counseling and soon enter into a jobs training course.

Jyoti, with help from Jesus, is finding redemption, forgiveness, love, acceptance and Hope.

-1 Because of your generosity, a portion of every dollar you give to Immanuel will go to this initiative and help save those stuck in human trafficking. We thank you so much for all your support for World Outreach this past year. Your prayers, financial support and personal care of our partnerships has been AMAZING! God has done so much with all 8 partners and it’s because you have invested. We believe that God is going to continue to bless and we look forward to 2013 with GREAT excitement!!”

Christy Davis & the World Outreach team

Psalm 46:1  “God is our refuge and strength, always ready to help in times of trouble.”

2 thoughts on “World Outreach: A Safe House In God

  1. I’m deeply glad to be involved with a church that is meeting God where He is already working to free those who are bound in human trafficking. My heart breaks for the stories where redemption is not yet a part of them.

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