Through World Outreach and our missionaries Bulus and Rose Galadima, we are able to help and give students training for Christian ministry in Nigeria and the Philippines. We wanted to share a few updates and prayer requests from students at the JETS Seminary in Nigeria. THANK YOU for your continued support of World Outreach.  YOU are blessing these individuals.

Here are two more stories about students that you have helped through your generosity!

“My coming to JETS has been a journey of faith and God indeed has proven himself faithful all along. When my parents died, it was like all hope was lost concerning sponsorship and welfare, but as the conviction became stronger in my spirit I took a step of faith. I enrolled in JETS, not knowing how or where support would come from. I only knew that my
passion or desire was to gain knowledge and spiritual discipline that will enable me serve God and his church better. The Provost’s scholarship has really benefitted me and it has enabled me to find fulfillment in the passion I have for teaching God’s word to as many as I come across.

Presently I am in the M.A. (Christian Education) program and also teaching at ECWA Theological College, Zabolo. This is a dream come true to me and all thanks to God and the Provost’s Scholarship.”

Elizabeth Bulus Zhime
Graduate Student

“All Christians are called to full time service of God; however, each of them is called to serve God in a slightly different way. As a Christian, I have been called to be and do what is expected of every Christian. More specifically however, I am called by God to devote myself to the ministry of the Word by teaching the truth and opposing false teaching both inside
and outside the church.

It was with this in view that I enrolled at JETS for my theological training in 2006 and graduated in 2010 with my Bachelor of Arts degree as the valedictorian. I was then informed of the JETS’ Provost Scholarship. I enrolled for my graduate studies and was awarded the scholarship.

The Provost’s Scholarship has helped me:

  • Enroll for my graduate studies on time and at JETS. Without it, I would have had to enroll for it at a later time.
  • Reduce the burden on my parents who shouldered the responsibility of sponsoring my studies.
  • Most importantly however, it has helped me to pursue God’s purpose for my life with greater speed. Being an apologist and a polemicist in this generation requires serious and costly training. This scholarship is a milestone in the pursuit of God’s purpose for my existence.

My gratitude goes to the sponsors of this scholarship. My prayer to God is that they and their descendants will be remembered by God, for he who gives a cup of cold water to a little one because he is a disciple will not miss his reward (Matthew 10: 42).”

Ngutor Isaac Anga
Graduate Student

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