While the adults at Immanuel were learning about Living a Generous Life, our students were learning about how to have a generous heart.

“Our goal was to talk about how to have a generous heart beyond giving money.” said Ruth Karner, director of Children’s Ministries. “We wanted to help them understand many ways they could be generous because often money doesn’t mean very much to them yet.”

After discussing generosity, the students were encouraged to make a commitment, citing a way they could be generous and grow to have a generous heart.

While many of the commitments made centered around time spent or sacrifices of will, Zack, a third grader, felt like he wanted to be generous in giving to the church after he heard about the Accelerate initiative.

“I have a whole bunch of money from the Super Summer Challenge we did, and I hear the church has a debt,” Zack said.

So Zack shared with his parents he wanted to commit to giving $1 every time he comes to church on Sundays.

“I just want to help pay the church debt so it can still be here for a long time … I like this church. It’s fun and we do good things like Operation Christmas Child,” Zack said. “I just want to help.”

Other students made commitments to put others first in their lives, too.

Here are just a few of the commitments made by four first through third graders in Surf City.

Generous Hearts in Surf City from Immanuel Church on Vimeo.

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