JETS mission and vision is to glorify God by providing (Biblical) knowledge that leads to Christ-like character and by developing ministry skills, in order to equip men and women to serve the church and society. “JETS seeks to be a premier evangelical, spiritual and academic community, faithfully applying Biblical truth for Christian living, producing theologically erudite leaders with Christ-like character, committed to transforming church and society.”

Through World Outreach and our missionaries Bulus and Rose Galadima, we are able to help and give students training for Christian ministry in Nigeria and the Philippines. We wanted to share a few updates and prayer requests from students at the JETS Seminary in Nigeria. THANK YOU for your continued support of World Outreach.  YOU are blessing these individuals.

Student Updates

I am Cephas L. Bahago, a student of the Jos ECWA Theological Seminary (JETS) studying for a Masters of Arts in Psychology and Biblical Counseling. This is my final year in school. I have been a beneficiary of the Provost’s Scholarship scheme for the most part of my education during this period. The scholarship has been of tremendous help to me in several ways, including the following:

  1.  The scholarship has been taking care of my tuition and other administrative charges, which is the largest part of school expenses. This has lifted a heavy burden off me as I only have to work hard to take care of my housing, welfare, study materials, and other expenses.
  2. With the Provost’s scholarship, I have a completely settled mind to study;, I do not have to think of where my tuition is coming from. This has saved me tremendous tension.
  3. I do not have a consistent source of income or any support to take care of my fees. Therefore, the Provost’s Scholarship is a great relief.

Overall, the Provost’s Scholarship is contributing immensely to my training for ministry, life dream and calling. I will forever be grateful to God and the Provost for this great favor.

As I work had to graduate from JETS, I have these prayer needs:

  1. The psychology and counseling training I am receiving here is only enough to get me started in my area of calling. Therefore, I necessarily need more training in the field of Christian psychology and counseling, which is an essential need in the Nigerian society, so I can be better equipped for the ministry of counseling (especially with youth), teaching, and writing, which I am passionate about. I need God’s guidance – and the admission – on which school is most suitable to train me for ministry. And then I need sponsorship/scholarship and support to carry out this study.
  2. At times I am concerned about my mom who has been a widow for just 5 years now. All of us, her children, are mostly away. Therefore, she is mostly alone. She needs God’s peace, company, constant comfort, good health, and protection.
  3. I need God to keep me healthy and strong.

Cephas L. Bahago –  Graduate Student 

I am Alice Yelebephee Wilberforce, from Taraba State, Nigeria. 200 level.

My father, Mr. Wilberforce Gyada,{has been} sick for four years now of stroke which left him speechless and paralyzed on his right side.

When I got admitted here, my elder brothers complained of the cost of tuition compared to a conventional university so they decided that I should forfeit my admission and wait for the coming year to write JAMB (pre-university test) and then go to the university since (according to them) my tuition for one semester is enough for a four-year degree program with feeding and course materials. I refused and told them that the God who gave me the admission despite the cost of tuition is able to provide for me. They {took their} hands off, and I came to the seminary trusting God for my tuition, feeding, money for books etc.

Actually, I almost gave up at a point because it looked like God was not going to provide and then my brothers would have laughed or even rejoiced that they had told me but I did not listen. I discussed with an M.A. student who begged me not to leave because he was sure that God would provide for me.

A week later, precisely October 14, 2011, I met Dr. Mrs. Galadima on the road and I greeted her. She stopped and asked if I was a student here, I said yes. She then asked me to come to her house. I went and met her with her husband, Prof. Galadima and afterward they gave me scholarship.

As I write this, they are not only paying my tuition but meeting my every need and I am staying in their home while they are away. My brothers are ashamed because I don’t call them for anything as they expected. Praise
God. God bless and reward you. Acts 10:4 is my prayer for you.

Alice Y. Wilberforce – Undergraduate Student


  • A standard hostel accommodation
  • Medical and counseling clinic
  • Scholarship for students
  • Sports facilities
  • Books for the library
  • Vehicles
  • Renovation of some structures
  • Staff development
  • Faculty and staff housing

Editor’s note: Immanuel family, thank you for your generosity! These two scholarships are made possible through special gifts given from individuals and through the World Outreach fund.

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