You know that Sunday feeling, right?

We leave church inspired by and filled with  Truth, encouragement and passion on Sundays … and somewhere along the course of the day, after the music fades and our cars leave the parking lot, pieces of the message tend to fade, too; somewhere along the way, we often lose that Sunday feeling. 

The Monday After {the Sunday Sermon} is our attempt to carry the Sunday message into Monday mornings by walking together and sharing how what we’ve heard on Sunday morning is making a difference in our Mondays, our weeks, our lives. Each Monday, a voice from the pews will give personal perspective to the words we soaked in on Sunday. 

So follow along each Monday as we seek to integrate that Truth into our daily lives; leave your thoughts in the comments below so we can create conversation and encouragement!

The Monday After Sunday, November 11, 2012: Living a Generous Life: Moving Toward Life

By Sheryll Belonga

As Pastor Joe gave the scripture verse for the message yesterday what stood out to me was the word “will.”  Now that could be because that was the word that he highlighted three times in the scripture, but I believe that it was the word that God wanted me to see for myself.  Through that word, God spoke to me about living in His “will”.

The past sermons have been about giving and learning to give.  I must admit that initially my thought was that I don’t have a problem with giving at all.  There are many occasions where I want to just walk up to someone and give them some of the money that I may have.  In the past, there have been occasions where I have even given people food.

I recall years ago there was always this woman who would stand on the corner and ask for food. I would see her when I stopped at a red light on my way to work.  One day I gave her some of my money and another day I gave her some of my lunch.  One day I even decided that I would pack more food so that I could give her more.  When I recalled this, my chest stuck out and I thought to myself, you are a “good” person to do that.  I mean you are truly doing what God calls you to do.  I must admit that I was pretty proud of myself but today that pride is gone because of something Pastor Joe said in his sermon.

“If you give what you don’t need it isn’t giving.” Mother Theresa

The feeling I had of doing good was shattered because of that statement.  If I look at my past experiences with this lady with a new attitude here is what I see: I did give her some of my money but only some.  I also gave her some of my food.  In every instance though, I gave what I didn’t need.  I gave out of my abundance.

There is a short Bible story that I am sure many of you are familiar with; it is found in Mark 12:41-44.  It is the story about the woman who gave all that she had.  She showed where her treasure was and where her true value remained.  She had the right attitude.

I realize that in the past I have been a nice giver.  What I mean by that is my giving never really cost me anything.  I must be honest and say that as I typed that statement it saddened me.

When I gave I was being nice — not generous.

Being a generous giver requires sacrifice.

Being a generous giver requires giving what you need and being willing to go without.

Being a generous giver requires a change in our attitude.

Whether it is money, materials or our time, God has blessed us all with a way that we can be a generous giver.

So which type of giver are you?

If you have kids and would like a way to present this message to them go to:

Sheryll Belonga is the wife of Jurrell and homeschooling mom to their three great boys. Her hearts desire is to glorify God in all she says and does in spite of life’s daily happenings.

3 thoughts on “The Monday After: Living a Generous Life: Moving Toward Life {Sheryll}

  1. Sheryll, you describe an attitude that is very convicting for me. Thanks for being so transparent. I love your thought process. Joe Boerman

    1. I realized that all the ways I give aren’t truly giving when it doesn’t involve denying myself. As for the transparency, it is the only way I know how to be. Thanks for your leadership!

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